Kherson Commercial Residential Building
Type : Truck-Mounted Concrete Pump
Date of Release : 2009-11-23

ANK Company poured the concrete main wall of the side beam for a commercial residential building. Because it was the main wall, the company should pour the concrete continuously. The company could not guarantee the consistence by using swinging hopper of the tower crane or pipe of trailer-mounted concrete pump, while SANY SY5295THB37 truck-mounted could manage it and shorten the project period .On the other hand, it can reduce the labor strength and improve the quality of pouring concrete. This equipment has stepless control and the output volume can be up to 120m3/h and it can fit into various working conditions. With the automatic high-low pressure switching technology, the pumping applicability is improved. The customer said: "SANY product is highly efficient, quick and can compare with the quality of German products."

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