Guangzhou TV Tower -World’s highest TV Tower
Type : Stationary Concrete pump
Date of Release : 2009-11-23

In August of 2008, the core tube of Guangzhou television tower which is the highest television tower in the world has been finished with SANY's equipments, which is also one of the bests in the world created by SANY.

Guangzhou television tower was specially built for Guangzhou Asian Games in 2010. The total height of this tower is 610M, which is an outstanding building on the axle area of Guangzhou city. The constructor has adopted two HBT90C-2122D trailer-mounted pumps, three HBT90CH-2135D trailer mounted pumps ,and two HG38B placing booms to undertake the pumping work. SANY's Crawler crane also play the important role in the project. Among all of the construction equipments, all the concrete pumping equipments were provided by SANY. Moreover, SANY organized a specialized service team to offer sound solutions of pumping in order to guarantee smooth construction process.

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