Guangdong Taishan Nuclear Power Plant Construction
Type : Crawler Crane
Date of Release : 2012-11-15

On October 23rd,2011,SCC16000 served in Guangdong Taishan power plant on site as an outstanding product of China. It adopted LJDB duty with 66m boom, 60m jib and 60.5m working radius to hoist the doom of No1 generating set weighting 270t, with 13.6m height and 60.5m diameter on the thimble perfectly which is 60m high.It was finished stably and successfully only in 78mins.

SCC16000 was the largest crawler crane applied to lift the key components in power plant construction at that time.The doom is one of the most core and key components during the nuclear power plant construction which required the host vehicles with extremely high safety.This hoist was a symbol that SCC16000 made a big progress in the hoist of third generation EPR set and refreshed the record kept by SCC10000.

SCC16000 has the full intelligent property rights on many world advanced technologies such as totally-close hydraulic system and electronic system.It also has many excellent features such as model design,centralization on engine,control and hydraulic systems, crawler self-assembly and disassembly functions.It enhanced the ability of transportation and load greatly,especially save the cost of transportation and transmission.

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