Wind Power Construction in India
Type : Crawler Crane
Date of Release : 2012-11-15

Equipment No.:10CC06300004
Project name:Wind Mill 1.5MW (wind power construction)
Location:Shajabur (M P)

User: This set of equipment was purchased by India Sanghvi Movers Ltd. In December 2009, India Sanghvi signed an agreement of export of 58 sets of crawler cranes with Sany; and this order was ever a sensation in the industry. Sanghvi Movers Ltd. is one of the largest crane hiring company in India, the 3rd largest in Asia and ranked 9th largest in the world by Crane International. A fleet of 330 medium to large sized Heavy Duty Hydraulic and crawler cranes with capacity ranging from 20 tons to 800 tons.

Project Backgroud
The contractor of this project is Suzlon Engergy Ltd.

This wind farm is Asia’s second largest wind farm that comprises of Suzlon’s wind turbines of 600KW,1250KW and 1500KW capacities. The total contracted capacity reaches as much as 675MW.

Construction Description
Equipment number: 10CC06300004

Sanghvi participated in the bid competition with other leasing companies with the representative SCC6300 product. Finally this set of equipment was selected and contracted by Suzlon Energy Ltd. Due to tight time limit of the constructor, Sanghvi needed to dispatch to the construction site for support. After contacting Sany, Sany immediately dispatched the service engineers to the construction site and met with Sanghvi’s staff. They worked overtime and completed the SCC6300 commissioning within two days. This set SCC6300 crawler crane working condition: main boom (90m) + fixed jib (12m). SCC6300 was the largest tonnage of construction equipment in the construction site. The site terrain was complicated and the task is arduous, Sany equipments undertook the installation of the whole machine of 1.5MW fan. During the whole process of hoisting, Sany engineers tracked the services and completed the first set of wind power generating set of Shajabur successfully! Customers called Sany to expressing thanks! This time of hoisting was difficult, risky. SCC6300 withstood the full load lifting and operated normally in the whole process with stable performance. Sany was recognized and praised by the contractor with its excellent performance!

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