Tibury Port Construction in East London
Type : Crawler Crane
Date of Release : 2012-11-15

Equipment No.:10CC06300001
Project name:Tilbury Port Construction in East London
Location:London,United Kindom

Users: Belgium Sarens Company

The Belgium Sarens company, the famous biggest rawler crane lease company, purchased this equipment on the German Bauma Exhibition and transported it to Tilbury Port in London U.K. for construction.

Sarens company’s H.O. is located in Belgium, which is top one in the global hoisting industry, it has 30 branches in the world and 2000 employees. Up till now, Sarens company has purchased 18 sets of crawler crane form our company, and the largest tonnage is this SCC6300.

Project Backgroud
Tilbury port is located to the north of Times River, the area is 60 acre, it is the main loading and uploading area of bulk cargo of London port, and the second biggest container port, and one of the top ten container ports. The port is peaceful and the water level change is small, the dock is distributed around the water area.

Construction Description
Tilbury port has many reach stackers (shore bridge in brief) used for loading and uploading of containers,some shore bridges are old enough to be dismantled,new shore bridges need to be installed, SCC6300 crawler crane assumed the dismantlement and installation of shore bridges on this port, the time limit was three months, two old shore bridges needed to be dismantled before three new shore bridges were installed.

For this construction , SCC6300 selected a working condition of 66m of boom to meet the demand of work. The operator Sarens company spent 2 days finishing the installation of 66m boom. Then Shanghai SANY arranged the service engineer, the project manager, the electric principal to go to the site to give detailed instruction and training. The Sarens operator was very pleased, on one hand he received the excellent service of SANY, on the other hand, he was very satisfied with the operation and control of SANY equipment.

From June 19, 2010, SANY has arranged the service engineer to conduct monitoring and maintenance on the equipment in the three months time limit, the operator praised SCC6300 that “the three months of driving would be very enjoyable, the construction would be smoothly finished under the excellent support and help of SANY”.

Currently this equipment has been transferred to London after two months of construction in Ireland, it would make contribution to the onstruction of the 2012 Olympic stadiums in London.To be continued...

Everyday the SCC series crawler cranes go to different sites around the world, the stories of SANY SCC family members are still going on...

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