Chile Rescue at Atacama Desert in North Chile
Type : Crawler Crane
Date of Release : 2012-11-15

Equipment No.:08CC40110088
Project name:Chile Rescue
Location:Atacama Desert in North Chile
Users: BURGER Company

On Oct. 14, 2010, along with the successful ascending to the surface of the last miner Luis Urzua, the 33 Chile miners trapped in the mine for 2 months were rescued, which created a miracle of life.The Chilean government sent a letter of thanks for the contribution of Chinese SANY to Chile rescue and the day-night watch of the engineers of SANY on the rescue site.

Project Backgroud
On Aug. 5, collapse accident occurred in the San Jose mine located in Atacama Desert in the north of Chile,33 miners were trapped 700 meters underground. The Chilean government made rescue plan immediately,and chose hoisting equipments to bear the task of hoisting rescue to carry out rescue. There were three hoisting equipment companies joining rescue equipment bidding, the respectively used Manitowoc,Terex and the crawler crane of SANY. Finally, the site rescue plan with our SCC4000 crawler crane as the major equipment proposed by the cooperation partner of SANY, the Chilean biggest hoisting equipment company BURGER, won the bidding. The favorable operation record of SCC 4000 crawler crane is the key for the successful bid winning.

The bid winning plan of BURGER company is, in case of preventing loose rock at the cave entrance, first use SANY SCC4000 crawler crane, put steel case through the 624-meterhole, then hoist the “rescue capsule”.

This rescue plan is the first plan, and is also the safest and the most stable plan. In accordance with the requirement of construction, SCC4000 crawler crane adopted HD (B) working condition, the boom was 42meters, double winches operation, single rate. Since the steel pipe was 24meters long and 5tons of weight, it needed two cranes to operate simultaneously. The auxiliary crane is vehicle crane,the elevating capacity was 130tons. But people hoped the trapped miners be rescued as soon as possible,so the rescue plan is changed to the second plan, only 56-meter steel pipes were laid at the cave entrance.

So the equipments of SANY were changed from first plan to second plan, but were notified to be on call 24 hours on site.

Although our hoisting equipment was not used in the end, but we felt quite proud for participation in this rescue! The bid winning of SANY equipment and standby on the site showed the recognition on the performance, quality and logistics of the equipments made in China.

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