Old Ocean Ship Hoisting in USA
Type : Crawler Crane
Date of Release : 2012-11-15

Equipment No.:08CC40230038
Project name:Tear Down Hoisting of Old Ocean Ship of the U.S.
Location:Shipyard in Morgon City of the State of Louisiana

Users: The buyer of this SCC4000 was Gulf Special Services, it was founded in 1997 in rownsville Texas to provide parts and equipment primarily to Mexico and overseas. It Houston location was opened in 2005 in order to provide crane services for the petrochemical industry, oil and gas, thermoelectric plants, wind power, offshore and general construction. The services provided include bare crane rentals, operated cranes, manned and maintained and project work.

The customer leasing the equipment from Gulf Special Services was PORT OF GIBSON LLC,which initially planned to lease Manitowoc 1600,however nobody dare to lease to them, then this company found GULF SPECIAL SERVICE which had SCC4000 crawler crane of SANY.

Project Backgroud
The shipyard of Morgon city of Louisiana needed to tear down the old ocean ship, they wanted to tear down the oil platform and derrick from the scrapped ocean ship.

The site was locatedat the wetland on the seaside, the ground is muddy all the year, and the unit pressure of ground was high. The project is more difficult, and had high requirement on the stability of crawler crane, the wasted materials were stacked around the shipyard,which had certain influence on the normal construction of the equipment. The SCC4000 crawler crane used in this construction was also the first largest big tonnage crawler crane which made in China.

Construction Description
The Morgon City in July was very hot, both the sun and the humid weather brought influence on the normal construction,and brought certain difficulty for the work of the service engineer.

This equipment showed good performance after commissioning in July, 2009 in GULF company. This time it adopted HDB working condition in the shipyard, the maximum hoisting weight was 250t. The construction on the moist and muddy ground required extremely high requirement on the stability of the equipment, however SCC4000 finished the dismantlement of several old ocean ships in only couple of months by disassembling the oil platform and derrick from the old ocean ships smoothly.

The buyer GULF company was full of confidence on the products and after-sales service. For this construction, there were the equipments of Manitowoc competing together with SCC4000, while the expressiveness, comfortableness of crawler crane of SANY won the good remarks of the customers. It also won public praise for China manufacture in the market of the U.S.

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