Adani Power Plant Construction in India
Type : Crawler Crane
Date of Release : 2012-11-15

Equipment No.:08CC40230028
Project name:Indian ADANI Power Plant Construction
Location:Marina South

Users: China Huadian Corporation and SEPCOIII Electric Power Construction Corporation China Huadian Corporation (short name as "China Huadian”) is national company owned by China Huadian Corporation directly managed by the central government, the State Property Management Commission of the State Council approves the main business of China uadian is: power generation, thermal production and supply; development of non-renewable energy including coal relevant to power generation; relevant technical service. SEPCOIII Electric Power Construction Corporation is the subsidiary wholly owned by Shandong Power Group,it is the national large power project contract company. It has many qualifications including First Grade of Power Project Contract, Third Grade of Building Construction Project Contract, First Grade of Environmental Protection Contract, Grade A of Boiler Installation etc. SEPCOIII Electric Power Construction Corporation is called as “iron troops in power construction ”in the national power industry.

Project Backgroud
China Huadian Corporation Operation Company and SEPCO ⅢElectric Power Construction

Corporation signed the Service Contract on Trial Operation of Thermal Power Station of 5x660MW in Adani of India, Huadian is responsible for the segment commissioning, whole set commissioning,reliability commissioning, equipment commissioning,performance testing and client operator training of the five units. The Thermal Power Station of 5x660MW in Adani of India is located at Kutch District of Gujarat of India. The first unit was estimated to be handed over and put into trial production in Sept. 2010, the operation service time would exceed 24months.

This project was the third Indian project signed after signing the Xilaya project in 2008. The conclusion of this project would enable the operation and reserved capacity of the operation company in the Indian power generation market to reach 840KW.

Construction Description
This 400t of crawler crane was the largest tonnage equipment on the construction site at that time, and assumed the task of long distance and height hoisting task, it was mainly responsible for the hoisting task of structural parts of big tonnage of five units, such as plate girder upper beam, steel structure etc., the working condition (LJDB) is 72m of boom + 33m of luffing jib + superlift mast+ superlift counterweight.

Since the working condition was difficult, the customer operator was very strange to the equipment, to provide better instruction and training and also take security into account, our company arranged service engineer to arrive at the site to instruct installation and conduct commissioning on load moment limiter and electric system. The service engineer also gave detailed and considerate teaching to the customer.

After commissioning, the machine is in good peration condition and has stable performance, it fulfilled the task on the site excellently, and hoisted the big tonnage structural parts on the site successfully so as to ensure the timely completion of the construction period.

The equipment of our company has stable performance and human oriented operation, it conquered the customer with its excellent performance and won praise from our customer.

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