Mecca Pilgrimage Railway Project in Mecca
Type : Crawler Crane
Date of Release : 2012-11-15

Equipment No.:08CC32210048
Project name:Mecca Pilgrimage Railway

Users: AL-SUWAIDI Group

Located at Dammam of Saudi Arabia,its equipment hoisting lease company is one of the top 50 equipment lease companies, it can provide lease service of crane from 200t to 5000t.

Project Backgroud
Nearly three million Muslim from all over the world move from Mecca of Saudi Arabia to gather at Minna valley on Nov. 14 and spend one night in the tent city of Minna, which starts the pilgrimage activity of Muslim in 2010. Pilgrimage is one of the five lessons of Islam, in Moslem Calendar, Dec. 8-12 of each year is the pilgrimage season. In accordance to Islam, each Muslim should go to Mecca for pilgrimage at least one time. All pilgrims should butcher animals (sheep, cow, camel) in Minna Valley, those Muslim not joining pilgrimage should go to Mosque to attend butchering animals. Based on the official estimation by Saudi Arabia, the Muslim going to Mecca for pilgrimage will increase by 20% on yearly basis, about 2.78 people attended this pilgrimage,including 1.79 foreign people, while there 13000 Chinese people coming for pilgrimage. In the time of pilgrimage, the pilgrim will do some religious ceremony in the temples and mountains of Mecca.

Mecca light rail is built specially to alleviate the huge traffic pressure arising from pilgrimage of millions of pilgrims in Mecca, the completion of the project will have major influence in the Arabian world and the Muslim. The line connecting Mecca and Medina is 18.06km, the time limit for the construction is 22months,it is planned to start running in Oct. 2010. The project is located at Mecca and will have great influence in the Muslim world; it has rigorous requirement on the operation, the single direction transportation power is 72000persons, it is one of the light rails with the most rigorous transportation condition in the world; the civil project adopts American standard, the system adopts European standard; the time limit is urgent, these are the features of this project.Mecca light rail project is the light rail project with the maximum traffic volume, highest outdoor temperature,the shortest time limit in same kinds of projects in the world so far, and is also the first light rail project in Saudi Arabia.

Construction Description
AL-SUWAID Group selected SANY SCC3200 crawler crane to assume this large hoisting task among multiple brand equipment under serious consideration after achieving the sub-contract project of this project. To assure the smooth going-on of the project, AL-SUWAID Group arranged 2 service personnel (one operator, one technician) to use and maintain the equipment. Our company also arranged a professional crawler crane service personnel to meet the requirement of AL-SUWAIDI to Jeddah office responsible for protection and maintenance of this large tonnage crawler crane. This equipment ever participated in the desalted water project in Jeddah,and Zhayar port project etc. The equipment is used for the establishment of Mecca light rail, the time limit is four months, mainly assuming the hoisting of the prefabricated beam of the viaduct bridge.

In the whole time limit, SCC3200 adopts the configuration of 24meters of boom, 110t of rear counterweight, 40t of central counterweight, and make full use of the advantage of moving with loading,it fulfill various hoisting tasks with over 10 hours of working time every day and high strength of tens or hundreds of tons of hoisting load and with its excellent and stable performance so as to guarantee the timely completion of the whole time limit.

In the construction period, the service personnel of our company made patrol investigation on the site on yearly basis and made communication with the technical personnel of AL-SUWAIDI on the use situation. Since the project progress is fast and the time limit is urgent, the equipment had no time to stop for comprehensive protection and maintenance, our service personnel would stand by all the day time after receiving the problem feedback from the technical personnel of ALSUWAIDI,and grasped time to make investigation on the equipment even till deep night and did not go back the office until the problem was solved.

Currently this equipment has finished the Mecca project and returned to AL-SUWAIDI Depending its excellent performance and quality, the Mecca light rail department of China Railway Group and ALSUWAIDI Group gave high remarks and acceptance on SCC3200.

This is the key project of Saudi Arab, the smooth completion caused strong influence in the Arabian world. The outstanding performance of SCC3200 in this project became a highlight, which would promote the sales of SANY hoisting equipment in the market of Saudi Arab.

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