MCE483 Expressway Tunnel in Singapore
Type : Crawler Crane
Date of Release : 2012-11-15

Equipment No.:08CC25130118, 08CC25230108
Project name:MCE483 Expressway Tunnel in Singapore
Location:Marina South

Users: YONG NAM company

It has steel manufacture experience over 30 years and is outstanding on steel structure building. It has projects in Singapore, Johore, and Malaysia.The group has the ability of annual output capacity of 78000t of steel. YONG NAM adopts the newest manufacture technique and innovation design. Its business scope mainly concentrates in erecting steel structure, which is extensively used in subway,buildings, and tunnels etc. It has participated in many world famous building projects.

Project Backgroud
The expressway project in Singapore MCE is the five kilometers expressway along the seaside, the construction cost is as highas USD2.5 billion. MCE is mainly constructed underground, which can make optimal use of the land. This road includes an underway tunnel of 3.5 kilometers and a road of 1.5 kilometers on the ground.

MCE is an part of the road network on the island,and is a key basic infrastructure project. In the latest five years, it is one of the largest projects and to be estimated to be finished by the end of the year 2013.

Construction Description
Our SCC2500C now uses boom of 79.5meters+extension jib, as the largest tonnage equipment in the construction site, it is qualified to complete the task of long distance and height hoisting.

In early sept. this year, since the construction time limit was urgent, the construction unit needed to extend the boom of the equipment to 79.5meters. This was the first time the customer installed such long jib since it used our equipment, so they called us to ask our engineer to go to the construction site to instruct the working personnel of the customer.

After we received the calls, our service engineer met with the working personnel of the customer in the first minute and went to the construction site. On the site the engineer answered the questions of the personnel and assisted the personnel of the customer to correctly install jib and waist line. After installation,the engineer made hook calibration on the load moment limiter and inspected the operation status of the equipment.

The equipment was in good operation condition after installation and commission, the work performance was very stable. The customer was full of confidence on the products and after sales service of our company. Up till now, this equipment is still working on the site…

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