Wind Power Construction in PECEM in Brazil
Type : Crawler Crane
Date of Release : 2012-11-15

Equipment No.:08CC25130138
Project name:Wind Power Construction in PECEM in northeast of Brazil
Location:Fortaleza, Brazil

Users: Makro company

Makro company, which is the third large hoisting company in Brazil,urchased this equipment in the exhibition in 2008 in Brazil and move the equipment to PECEM to construct in the wind farm. Up till now,Makro company has two sets of SANY SCC2500C constructing.

Project Backgroud
The power generation in Brazil are mainly hydro power generation,the hydro installed capacity accounts for 77% of the nationwide total installed capacity, while hydro power generation accounts for 90% of the nationwide total power generation. While in Brazil,other renewable energies also have great developing potential. The Brazilian government has been engaged in the domestic wind power market in recent years. Brazil is rich in wind energy resources,Brazilian government plays an active role to reach the nationalization proportion of wind turbine. It is believed that the wind power in Brazil will be rapidly developed. It is estimated that by the year 2025 the wind power installed capacity will reach 31.6GW. By 2025, the market scale of Brazil will account for 69% of the total installed capacity of Latin America and take the leading position in this area.

The increasing demand is encouraging Brazil to produce 1.5MW and greater wind turbine.

Construction Description
Construction site PECEM is located in CEARA of Brazil, which is in the northeast part of Brazil and near the equator and close to the Atlantic Ocean, its is the nearest place to Europe and North America.

After SCC2500C arrived at the site, the scientific service engineer of SANY provided Makro company with operation training, security training and crawler crane commissioning and installing instruction.The customer operator gave compliment remarks to the equipment of SANY, the comfortable driving cab, steady hydraulic pressure system and multiple security protection devices, these training courses reduce the influence caused by operation error of the customer. On this site, the equipment was mainly responsible for hoisting wind power parts and installing the whole wind power project.

Up till now the project has been finished, this equipment has been moved to Sao Luis site for other project.

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