Mississippi Pascagoula Shipyard Project in USA
Type : Crawler Crane
Date of Release : 2012-11-15

Equipment No.:08CC25130018, 08CC25230058
Project name:State of Mississippi Pascagoula Shipyard
Location:Mississippi Pascagoula

Users: VT Halter Marine, Inc.

VT Halter is a modern and progressive shipbuilding subsidiary of Vision Technologies ystems, Inc. (VTS) that utilizes cuttingedge technologies to design and build the world's highest quality maritime products.VT Halter Marine shipyards have an impeccable 50-year tradition of hipbuilding excellence as an internationally-acclaimed shipbuilder, noted for being the largest designer and builder of small to mediumsized ocean-going vessels in the United States for many years. VT Halter Marine through its lineage, is a leading world-class shipbuilder providing a wide inventory of diversified, high-tech maritime products to U.S. and international markets. VT Halter Marine has the worlds largest capacity for small to medium size ship construction and can meet even the most challenging design and construction schedules. VT Halter Marine shipyards have delivered over 3,000 vessels to commercial and government clients in 29 countries on 5 continents. This experience, backed by the resources of a financially stable, publicly owned company, offers the unique capability to ensure a successful acquisition and manufacturing program in an otherwise insecure shipbuilding environment.

Project Backgroud
VT HALTER is mainly engaged in repairing ocean vessel and shipbuilding, this project was building ship for the U.S. Navy.

The project location was near the Gulf of Mexico, the local humid air was highly corrosive to the equipment,which brought hidden danger to the long term work of the equipments, therefore there was extremely high requirement to the equipment. The movements of people on the site were strictly controlled. VT HALTER originally mainly used two sets of old type of American cranes with low efficiency. After serious consideration,the customer bought two sets of our 250 tonnage crawler cranes forthe construction which are mainly responsible for hoisting the structural parts for the ship.
Construction Description

Pascagoula in May is sultry and moist, the special weather in the Gulf of Mexico makes people sweaty even if they stay here for only an hour. The humid sea wind is corrosive to the equipment and has hidden danger to the long term operation of the equipment.

At 7:00 in the morning, the shipyard is already in working ondition. This time the construction in the shipyard adopted main boom and fixed jib working condition: the main boom was 60 meters long, the jib was 13 meters long. The two crawler cranes were required to hoist the huge structural parts imultaneously, which had extremely high requirement on the command and coordination on the site. Since the time limit has been detailed to each day, there was no time to shut down the equipment to repair,so there was high requirement on the stability of the equipment, any problem in the hoisting process was prohibited. SCC2500C completed the hoisting work in only a few months steadily installing the structural parts and various auxiliary equipments on the military ships. In this construction, there was TEREX equipment working together with SANY equipment,however SCC2500C won the praise of the customer by its convenience, comfortableness and stability.SANY equipment worked hard in the Gulf of Mexico and won a public praise on China manufacture in American arket.

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