Grantite City Construction in USA
Type : Crawler Crane
Date of Release : 2012-11-15

Equipment No.:07CC25110078, 07CC25110058
Project name:Large Ocean Transportation Ship Manufacure
Location:33 TUAS CRES Singapore, Jalan Brigjen Katamso Tanjung Uncang Pulau Batam


Drydocks World – SE Asia, is the branch of Drydocks Dubai World Group in Southeast Asia, with an annual revenue of over USD1 billion. Drydocks World—SE Asia has more than 20000 diligent and skilled employees in Singapore and Batam Island.

The professional ship building ability ensures the excellent craft and design are used on each process of project design, procurement, construction, commission and delivery.

Project Backgroud
Singapore is one of the famous shipbuilding countries in the world, DRYDOCKS company is one of the largest shipyards in Singapore, the customer’s docks are open for all day for severe shipbuilding task.

Construction Description
Our SCC2500 crawler crane entered this shipyard in 2007, which was one of the largest tonnage of crawler cranes, undertaking hoisting and installation of large parts. This equipment uses boom of 49.5meters and fixed jib working condition of 19meters to undertake the single hoisting of 50tons, which was the edged tool in the work of the customer.

In June this year, main hook limiter of one of the SCC2500 failed, which caused security danger to the use of quipments.

After receiving the call from the customers, the service engineer in Singapore arrived at the site in the first minute to inspect and solve the line fault, and made routing inspection on the equipment, which enabled SCC2500 to work for shipbuilding with better efficiency. Currently, these two SCC2500 cranes are still working in the shipyard…

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