Parking Lot Construction in University of Missouri-Coumbia
Type : Crawler Crane
Date of Release : 2012-11-15

Equipment No.:07CC25110068
Project name:Parking lot construction in University of Missouri-Columbia

Users: Custom Truck & Equipment

CTE is one-stop-shop for vocational trucks, cranes and construction equipment. It is the largest boom truck installer in the United States, and it offers one of the largest selections of new and used equipment in the country. As CTE has expanded, the company now employs over 225 employees who are all vital to the success of the company’s operation, and bring years of experience within the industry. Many of CTE’s sales, service, and installation employees have come from leading manufactures to deliver top quality equipment and service throughout the United States,and beyond.

Project Backgroud
The University of Missouri—Columbia was established in 1839 in the city of Columbia, which was the only university on the west of the Mississippi River, now it has developed into the system of the University of Missouri. The construction of parking lot commenced on Apr.1, 2008 and experienced about six months.

This project was located at the south gate of the niversity, the north of the project was the municipal hospital of Columbia, the south of the project was the municipal gym, stadium and large shopping center.

The parking problem was very serious. To alleviate the parking problem, the city government nvested about USD50 million to build a large parking lot of 3000sqm withfive floors for the convenience of the teachers and students to park their cars and the people seeing a doctor in the municipal hospital.

Construction Description
The construction of the school parking lot commenced on April 1, 2008 and experienced about six months.SCC2500 was mainly in charge of the hoisting of prefabricated tructural parts, this construction mainly adopts boom and extension jib working condition of HC52.5m, the lifting hook of boom adopts 150t hook,the extension jib adopts 13.5t hook, the work diameter can reach 10m-48m, the hoisting weight is between 12t and 85t. The prefabricated structural part is 50t,SCC2500C can fully meet the requirements with independent, convenient and expressive hoisting.

SCC2500C constructed in the University of Missouri-Columbia, and this huge equipment attracted many students and pedestrian, the crane boom worked flexibly under the blue sky, the red giant stood on the site watching the parking building to be established right away. SANY proved its strength again in a foreign country.

SCC2500C fulfilled the hoisting work excellently in only a few months and ensured the timely completion of the work period. The equipment won the praise of the Customer due to stable operation and the site service of SANY service engineer. The buyer of this equipment is full of confidence for the products and the after sales service of our company.


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