STX Shipyard Project in Jinhae
Type : Crawler Crane
Date of Release : 2012-11-15

Equipment No.:08CC25110028
Project name:STX Shipyard

Users: STX Shipbuilding & Marine Co., Ltd.

Apr.10,1967 and mainly engaged in shipbuilding capital of KRW180 billion and 9132 employees.

The Head Office is located at Changyuan city, has comprehensive production base in Jinhae Dalian,and also has shipyard in Europe.

Project Backgroud
Jinhae Crane company and STX in Jinhae concluded an agreement with ten years term. Jinhae Crane has 5 sets of our crawler crane working in this jobsite, mainly in charge of hoisting and matching of the ship body,SCC2500 is mainly responsible for jointly hoisting large scale ship body parts together with Liebherr’s crane.

Construction Description
This 250 tonnage crawler crane is big tonnage equipment on the construction site, undertaking the task of long distance hoisting and height hoisting,mainly in charge of hoisting large structure parts with the 220T Liebherr crane together, such as: crossbeam of ship body, steel structure etc., the working condition is main boom 36 meters working condition.

Since it was joint hoisting, it needs higher requirements on the stability and the reliability of the equipments. In the work with Liebherr crane, our SCC2500 showed great performance with equal stability as the foreign equipments. All of our five equipments work here,which ranked number one among the crawler cranes constructing in the STX shipyard of Jinhae.

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