Airport Link Project
Type : Truck Crane
Date of Release : 2012-11-15

Client: Marko is a very powerful lifting company in Brazil. In recent years, they keep ranking in top five place in the lifting industry. The company is authorized to sell many branded truck cranes, crawler crane and other various lifting equipments. Moreover, Marko has its own independent sales team. They have established branch offices in many areas of Brazil. In 2008, the company used to purchase 15 QY50CY & 10 QY25CY at one time.

Project Background
In May of 2011, at PECM job site of Fortarisa, QY50 crane from Marko is carrying out disassembly and lifting of tower crane. At that time, one tower crane needs to be disassembled right after operation, which is successfully completed under assistance by SANY branded crane.

Construction Description
Tower crane disassembly is carried out by the procedure as decreasing standard section of tower, disassembly of balance arm counterweight, disassembly of crane, disassembly of balance arm,disassembly of driver’s cab, disassembly of tower cap, integration of disassembly & reverse rotation and disassembly of climbing frame & tower standard section. During the process, the crane needs to change operating condition according to height and lifting requirement continuously. For example, main jib secondary hook operating condition is adopted when lifting for medium and long distance, while main jib & main hook operating condition is adopted when lifting for short distance. The disassembly process is very complicated, which raises very high requirements to the operators. The work range and condition should be adjusted flexibly according to the actual condition. Compared to other brand, the arm of SANY branded crane is longer at the same loading capability, and SANY brand is granted with good overload performance. Thus, when facing some lifting work with high requirement, their superiority can be reflected.


Location: Fortarisa

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