Adama (Nazret) Wind Power Station
Type : Truck Crane
Date of Release : 2012-11-15

Client: Sino-Africa renewable energy egnineering corporation PLC.

Hydro China International Engineering Co., Ltd (called as Hydropower consultant Hydrochina for short) purchased above mentioned 3 equipments. Moreover, they specially established a new company named Sino-Africa renewable energy engineering corporation PLC in Ethiopia for better usage and management of the equipments in Ethiopia.

Project Background
Joint venture between Hydro China International Engineering Co., Ltd (called as Hydropower consultant for short) and CGCOC Group have signed the draft financing EPC contract with EEPCO on Adama (Nazret) wind power station. 34 sets of 1.5-MW wind power generating units will be installed for the wind power project with 51-MW installed capacity.

Design, construction and acceptance inspection of the project will be carried out according to GB code. Chinese branded fans and Chinese supervisors will be adopted. It is the very first overseas wind power project applying Chinese design,standard, management and equipments. Meanwhile, it is also the first new-energy project supported by Export-Import Bank of China through preferential buyer's credit. It is granted with significant strategic & Realistic Meaning. Moreover, it is the very wind power project in Ethiopia even in the entire East African plateau to be put into operation.

Construction description
From September of 2011, equipments are delivered to Djibouti Port successively, and later delivered to Adama construction field in Ethiopia. It happens that two 75-ton crane and one 400-ton crawler crane manufactured by SANY Group firstly delivered to Job Site. Although small accidents happened during delivery, SANY branded equipments are put into operation within very short time and they become the most important engineering mechanical equipments in Adama Site. Because of the tough project schedule, Phase-1 started from November of 2011, and 10 units are scheduled to be integrated and generate electricity on December 14th, 2011.Then, SANY branded cranes is playing the leading role in the construction field. Three cranes are required to carry out lifting work continuously not only to the unloading of large-sized wind power equipments after delivered to field, but also to the arrangement & installation of all equipments. Up to November 22nd, 2011, installation of 6 wind power equipments have been completed, which satisfy the expectation of Client.

Project: Adama (Nazret) Wind Power Station
Equipment: STC75
Location: Adama of Ethiopia

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