Asia’s First Thousand-Tonnage All-Terrain Crane SAC12000
Type : Truck Crane
Date of Release : 2012-11-15

Project Background
Oct, 31st, Wei County, Zhang Jiakou, Hebei Province - Sany’s all-terrain crane SAC12000, Asia’s first thousandtonnage all-terrain crane, completed the installation work of a 2.0 MW wind turbine tower and nacelle for China Huadian Corporation. The press and representatives from some key hoisting machinery corporations were invited to witness the historic moment.

It is the first time in the world for a thousand-tonnage all-terrain truck crane to hoist the nacelle components (including spreader) of a 96-ton 2.0MW wind turbine to 80 meters high with its main boom only. With the accurate operating system of Sany all-terrain truck crane SAC12000, the experienced operator completed the installation of the nacelle within an hour. On Oct 22nd, SAC12000 successfully completed the hoisting work of the first 2.0MW wind turbine already. Up to now, SAC12000 has proven its excellent hoisting performance in extreme environment, and has become the first superlarge tonnage all-terrain crane around the globe to complete installation of 2.0MW wind turbine with the main boom.

On Sep 17th 2011, the all-terrain crane SAC12000 was officially delivered to the customer in Sany’s new industrial park of Hoisting Machinery and immediately driven to the wind turbine installation site in Zhangjiakou. After dismantling the main boom, auxiliary boom, superlift devices, counterweight and other components, the 20.8m-long crane still weighs 100 tons.But it drove at a speed of 75 km/h on highway and arrived in Zhangjiakou three days later.

The unique requirement of wind power generating system determines that inland wind farms are mostly located on the mountain or highland. “The mountain is steep, but the ground is rough and consists of loose soil. The tires may not be well supported on the ground.” With 9-axle chassis and turning radius of 15m, the crane has good climbing and passing capabilities, which enables it to drive on narrow roads and in complicated conditions.

With excellent gradeability, SAC12000 overcame the harsh and dangerous environment of the mountain and after a long travel of more than 1700 kilometers on the tortuous and uneven trails,the crane was officially stationed at the hoisting operation site.

When SAC12000 finally arrived, the people on site praised that it is a miracle for it to climb to the top despite of such steep trails and rough terrain.


Project: Asia’s First Thousand-Tonnage All-Terrain
Crane SAC12000 Successfully Completes Installation
Work of Wind Power Project
Equipment: SAC12000

Construction Description
From past experience we know that the danger in installation increases dramatically when wind speed exceeds 12m/s.

Therefore, when the wind turbine installation comes to greater heights on top of the mountain where the wind speed changes rapidly, the demand on the crane’s performance increases.

"The 96t wind turbine nacelle needs to be installed to a height above 80m and the main boom of the crane shall be kept extended at 90m. The wind blew strongly in the air above 80m,giving a big challenge for SAC12000 to do the job without help of lattice boom. We are glad to see SAC12000 did it. It proved the high quality of Sany cranes,” said Chen Jiliang, member of the project team.

As an engineer on the wind turbine project commented, “Asia’s first thousand-tonnage all terrain crane SAC12000 is able to conquer great heights and features stable performance, accurate positioning, fast movement and high efficiency. This ‘Created in China’ product has put on a spectacular show by the end of 2011.”

According to experts, after SAC12000 was launched to the market, it will greatly change the orientation and structure of super-big tonnage all terrain crane market. There will be more super-big tonnage all terrain cranes used for wind turbine hoisting.

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