SANY Excavator in Brazil
Type : Excavator
Date of Release : 2012-11-15

Quixadá/Ce Province Construction, Brazil

Drought is a recurring problem in the northeast region of Brazil. One of the main strategies to keep the soil fertile throughout the year is to build dams. With this type of construction, we seek to impound water in the rainy season and distribute water in dry periods. In the photo below, the excavator SY230C of Sany, owned by Platinum, is used for earthmoving in Quixadá city, Ceará Province, showing its strength and versatility.

SY215 Used to Serve Construction in Curitiba, Brazil

The excavator SY215 was acquired by Tecter of Earthmoving and Construction, a company engaged in earthmoving, demolition and equipment leasing. This excavator is now used for earthmoving in a residential condominium in Curitiba/PR, in southern Brazil. “This excavator is our first equipment from Sany and it arrived with such a responsibility to make a good impression and it did it”, says João Henrique Floriani, the Tecter’s owner.

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