SANY Roller in New Port of Qatar
Type : Roller
Date of Release : 2012-11-14

New port of Qatar, located in Middle Persian Gulf,features tropical desert climate. The climate is hot and dry in four seasons especially in summer. On-site temperature is high even reach to 56℃ . The main mission of new port project is building a wall to avoid water penetration. The cover layer can be divided into sand layer and cementation layer from up to down. The bedrock is limstone with a strength in the range of medium hard to extremly hard. The upper stratum features poor density and loose structure while the lower stratum which contains a large number of cementation layers features high strength. All above features are big challenge to compaction.

Our SSR180 is constantly working all day long under working conditions of 56℃ high temperature and poor earth-refilling. Working performance of SSR180 speaks louder than any words. SANY, as a reliable partner, is a powerful guarantee of finishing new port project ahead of 17 days.

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