Highway Project
Type : Pile Drilling Machinery
Date of Release : 2012-11-13

The SR250R machine has worked in Sunway kesas highway cite behind the jalan bukit jalil sports stadium.With the piling diameter 1.2m , and the piling depth range from 20-30 meters , our machine can drill 3-4 piles per day .


The new SR150 machine, working in the SUNWAY VELO CITY cite (hundred meters walk to cheras Jusco),has drilled small piles like 800-1000mm in this cite. The geological condition is clay plus limestone. Normally we drill one pile per day.

The SR280R rig is located in Velo City cite, where has a lot of limestone. The rock socket requirement is 5-10m.Normally we can finish one pile in 6-10 hours.

These SR250R and SR280 machines work in SUNWAY KERSAS HIGH WAY CITE. Now we got 5 machines in this cite. Sunway has used SR250R to drill the 1800 CLAY STONE piles, with socket 4-8m. Normally we drill one pile per day.

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