Crawler Cranes:SCC1500C
Crawler Cranes - SCC1500C

Imported Cummins QSL9, inline
Rated power / speed: 242KW/2100rpm.
Maximum torque: 1424N·m/1500rpm.
Air filter: double filtration system composed of air prefilter and air filter.
Fuel tank: capacity of 400L .
Emission standard: Tier III.
2)Electrical control system
Controller, combination instrument, engine, load moment indicator, remote control terminal apply CAN bus techniques for data communication.
Combined instrument can display parameters such as engine rotating speed, fuel quantity, machine oil pressure, servo pressure, wind speed, the engine operating working hours and primary winch lock,primary-to-amplitude winch lock, turn lock and other working conditions.
Reliability: International or industrial famous brands shall be used for main electric devices. They mainly include load moment limiter, controller, displayer,sensor, monitoring switch, control switch, electric wires and cables.
Comfort: Electric parameters of various points can be shown by instruments, including the operation parameters such as engine speed, fuel oil volume,machine oil pressure, servo pressure, wind speed and operation time etc. and the working state such as main winch locking, boom locking and slewing locking.
Installation and operation modes can be separated to lock the main hydraulic action and to lighten drivers’operation strength.
Advancement: It adopts the overall CAN bus system,load power limit control, redundancy communication check and optional global positioning and remote monitoring program.
3)Hydraulic System
Configuration of hydraulic system: adopt the worldrenowned brands of hydraulic systems, including the main pump, main valve, control handle and motor reducer. It is efficient, energy saving, stable and reliable.
It has excellent micro- rotation and per formance improvement, load sensing; limit load regulation makes the operation more stable.
Adopt c ont rol led hydraul i c oi l c ool ing sy s tem independently.
4)Main and auxiliary hoisting mechanisms
Main or auxiliary winch has advantages such as individual drive, compact structure, easy installation,low abrasion and maintenance-free embedded wet brake so as to guarantee winch safety.
Variable hydraulic motor shall realize the maximum winch speed by automatic displacement adjustment according to load.
High-quality stainless steel wire rope shall be adopted with features of high hoisting safety and service life.
Bag type rope head shall be adopted for convenient detachment & installation of steel wire rope. Pawl and ratchet locking device shall be fitted for safer hoisting.
5)Swing mechanism
It is driven by swing motor and buffered
hydraulically to provide 360° rotation.
Brake: Normally closed, embedded, wet type, and spring disc-type brake, with spring force braking and oil pressure releasing.
Swing lock: swing lock device is employed for nonimpact on the slewing upper part during the load traveling and transportation process.
Swing ring: 3-rows roller column type slewing ring.
Swing speed: 0-2.0r/min.
6)Luffing mechanism
It is fitted with double luffing winch drums, with ratchet wheel & pawl locking device for middle spacer plate of double drum so as to guarantee parking safety of suspension boom under non-operation status.

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