One two three four,complete care for all!

One: One call is all your need to solve any problem.
Two: We offer two days of free training for your operators.
Three: We do three professional inspections before your new machine is delivered.
Four: We give four comprehensive machine checks within the warranty period.


Our goal is to add value to your business and contribute to your success.

● You get fast delivery.
● You get first rate technical care.
● You get the most from your investment.


Parts Service
● An inventory of over 140,000 parts worth more than $32 million meets most of your needs.
● We enjoy a fast global logistics system.
● We guarantee all our parts are genuine.


Technical Support
● 24/7 hotline service.
● Tailored advisory service for every customer.
● Strict product inspection before delivery.
● Maximum 15-minute response time.
● On-site support throughout large projects.
● Replacement charges only for maintenance service within 3000 machine hours.
● Free expert inspection once every quarter within the warranty period.


Knowledge Transfer
● We offer up to 7 days training to your operators for free.
● We provide 120 hours/year product maintenance skill and trouble shooting training to your engineers for free.

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