Sany Secures 1.1Billion Yuan Mega Deal
Type : Press Release
Date of Release : 2015-07-16

A huge batch of Sany equipment was put together, ready to be dispatched to Venezuela to help the country with its infrastructure construction. The batch of equipment includes construction equipment, vehicles, and parts.

Last August, Venezuela planned to build a series of projects concerning people’s livelihood, which required large quantities of construction equipment. They decided on purchasing from Sany after careful investigations.

The Venezuelan projects were the first of its kind in that country and to approximate the desired effects, the customer had repeatedly changed their requirements.

“Theirs are some creative projects and we shouldn’t expect to solve all problems in one go,” said Deng Haijun, Deputy General Manager of Sany Heavy Industry, and General Manager of the international sales company of Sany’s Concrete Machinery BU. Therefore, each time when they were told of new requirements by the customers, they would mobilize technical engineers to sort out the problems. The development of new products and their review as well as the changes in customer requirements were entirely aligned, according to Gao Yang, Director of the Mortar Equipment Institute of the Concrete Machinery BU.

The Concrete Machinery BU had cooperated perfectly with Sany Latin America, to save time, through taking the advantages in time differences.

In this project, Sany once again displayed its advantages in R&D and developed five new products including the truck-mounted mortar mixing pump and diesel mortar pump.

In the mean time, to more exactly figure out the customers’ requirements, Mr. Dai Qinghua, Senior VP of Sany Heavy Industry and GM of the Concrete Machinery BU made a field trip to Vene- zuela with colleagues of sales and R&D.

During the field trip, they found that the situation in Venezuela was very different from that of China and solutions developed in China didn’t fit the Ven-ezuelan situation all the time. Projects were spread out rather than concentrated and there were very few high-rising buildings.

Therefore, the technical people made adjustments to the prototype equipment again, making them more adapted to the local construction conditions, including readjusting such specifications as gradeability.

So far, all new products are being produced in quantity and delivered batch by batch. Operator training will start next month as well, one of the links in the overall solution put forward by Sany.

“At that time, we produced an overall solution according to the concrete conditions and the materials the customers had in Venezuela and match our products with their materials to better meet their demands,” said Deng Haijun. Sany designed a 3-D network comprising mixing equipment, vehicles, and mortar pumps. “Everything is tailor-made just for the customers,” added Deng.

Except for the products that had to match the customers’ materials, training of operators is one more urgent issue. A Sany service team of 40 staffs would travel to Venezuela to provide targeted services, including the maintenance of equipment, but also the training of 3,000 to 5,000 operators.

“Customers need these services very badly, which can only be provided by Sany at the moment,” said Deng. Making overall solutions has become a unique competitive advantage of Sany.
 (Yang Qian)

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