Sany Wins Two International Industrial Designing Awards
Type : Press Release
Date of Release : 2015-07-16

Four models of products from Sany Heavy Machinery won multiple honors from the Taiwan Golden Pin Design Award and the China Designing Red Star Award, which were both renowned international industrial designing awards. Among them, the SY215C10 hydraulic excavator and the SYL958 wheel loader won two prizes for their excellent industrial designing.


Organized by the Industrial Bureau of the Taiwanese Department of Economy, and with a history of 33 years, the Golden Pin Design Award are referred to as “the highest design award in the global Chinese market” and dubbed the “Golden Horse Award of the world of design.” This year’s event gave out awards to 416 pieces of products, and Sany Heavy Machinery’s SY215C10 excavator and SYL958 wheel loader are among them. What’s especially worth mentioning is that the SYL958 wheel loader won the Best Design of the Year award on December 11. Sany Heavy Machinery is the first company from the construction machinery industry in China.

On December 12, 2014, the China Red Star Design Award ceremony was held in Beijing, which represents the highest industrial design award in China. Sany Heavy Machinery’s SY215C10 hydraulic excavator, SYL958 wheel loader won prizes once again, in addition to two more of its models: the BL70C backhoe loader and the SY35U hydraulic excavator. The Red Star Award is a national-level governmental not-for-profit award organized by the China Industrial Design Association and Beijing Industrial Design Promotion Center. The award has been certified by the International Industrial Design Association. Over 6,000 pieces of work were received by the organization committee.

The industrial design of the four award-winning products was carried out by the team at the Research Headquarters of Sany Heavy Machinery. According to Wang Guoping, leader of the team, their team is responsible for the industrial design of all earth-moving machinery developed by the company. The innovative design idea has been implemented throughout all the processes, including understanding the product, idea generation, planning, model making, and tracking of the prototype. Their hard work has helped to raise the image of the company.

Experts believe that Sany Heavy Machinery’s performance at the two awards is a display of the progress made by the company in its industrial design capabilities in recent years. Sany Heavy Machinery’s industrial design capabilities also represent the highest levels in the industry in China. The company has made a giant step forward in building high-end products and raise its international brand image.
(By Tong Qinghua)


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