Mr. LiangWengen was invited to attend Indian Prime Minister Mr. Modi’s private meeting in China
Type : Press Release
Date of Release : 2015-05-27

May 14th, Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi began a three-days’ official visit to China, the first since he took office last May, this is also the another important high-level interactions between the two counties after China’s President Mr. Xi Jinping’s visit to India last September.

Mr. Narendra Modi on the third day of his China visit met 25 Chinese CEOs include Mr. Liang Wengen, Chairman SANY,  Mr. Ma Yun, Chairman Alibaba, Mr. Wang Jianlin, Chairman Wand in Shanghai and followed by the India-China Business Forum “Build more closely development partnership ”.

09:30am on May 16th, Mr. Modi met the 25 Chinese CEOs first and addressed the meeting, He said, Both China and India should cooperate for the mutual interests, progress and prosperous.

Mr. Modi also introduced the development patterns of “Make in India” and “5F” formula – From Farm to Fibre to Fabric to Fashion to Foreign.
“We are full of hope about India, which offers dynamic work force and huge market. Sany will invest more in India, and contribute for India’s infrastructure construction and the generations of friendship between the two great people”. Liang Wengen, Chairman SANY.

The India-China Business Forum “Build more closely development partnership” attracted 150 China enterprises and 50 India enterprises. 21 agreements were signed in this forum cover a range of industries including renewable energy, steel, manufacturing, auto, the financial sector and ports.

“Let us work together in mutual interests," said Mr. Modi. "Now India is ready for business."

Modi mentioned, India will set up infrastructure construction fund in the future, and focus on developing railway, highway, and so on. Currently, these in no high speed rail way, the heavy equipment industry have a great developing prospects in India.

Sany is the world’s leading heavy equipment manufacturer, having branches in more than 100 countries around the world, yearly sales revenue is more than 12 billion USD. 10 years ago, Sany invested 60 million USD to establish its first overseas R&D and manufacture center in Pune, India. This is the biggest investment in India among China enterprises at that time.

Sany India has around 200 local staff,  Sany’s equipment participated a lot of key construction projects in India, like Mumbai international airport expansion, Delhi metro project, Sany has become a corporate citizenship of India. Sany can provide the full range heavy equipment and solutions to all construction projects: ports, highway, airport, housing…, Sany also owns the complete set of equipment for mining, wind power generation, manufacture line of precision machine tool, and advanced skilled workers. Industry insider thinks, The new round development opportunities in India is coming to Sany.




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