SANY’s Industrial Park in Changsha
Type : Events
Date of Release : 2013-04-03

The beauty of SANY’s industrial parks is of elegance and uniqueness, different from the dramatic or plain kind of beauty.

On the back side of administrative building is SANY’s “woods of friendship”, in which SANY and various enterprises and countries that have cooperated with SANY planted trees together. Beside the woods is a pond which is surrounded by willows. Next to the pond is a golf course where SANY’s executives play golf together sometimes.

In the east of the industrial park is the beautiful “SANY Lake” in which there are many fishes “swimming”. Above the lake willow catkins are dancing in the wind. On the shore of the bank employees are sitting on the benches while chatting with their colleagues to relax. All of these have constituted such a beautiful picture of harmoniousness.

Near the SANY Lake is No.18 workshop, which is often known as Asia’s largest garden-like workshop. The uniqueness of the workshop lies in the theme park inside it, which present you with beautiful scenery where there are artificial rivers, tall palm trees and clusters of flowers.




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