SANY's Industrial Parks in Kunshan and Shanghai
Type : Events
Date of Release : 2013-04-03

SANY Heavy Machinery currently has two industrial parks, which are located in Kunshan, Jiangsu and Lingang, Shanghai respectively. Both of the two parks boast their own unique styles. With the consistent efforts of past few years, the market share of SANY’s excavators has maintained the first place in the industry for market share in China.

SANY Kunshan’s Vegetable Farm

The industrial park is located in Nanguang District, Kunshan city. The most unique part of the park is that it has an organic vegetable farm, where there are a variety of organic vegetables and domestic animals as well as a pond. The farm is permeated with nothing but vitality. The domestic animals, which are fed by professional feeders who are responsible for the farm, along with these organic vegetables and fruit, will serve as the food material in the cafeteria for employees of SANY Heavy Machinery.

SANY’s “Optimus Prime” in Lingang

When you walk into the exposition hall in the workshop in Lingang, you must first be impressed by the robot Optimus Prime (a character from Transformers). The robot which is 8 meters tall and 8 tons in weight, has recently won an award for the most creative product in a competition.

The left hand of the robot is a drill rig, right hand a bucket. The body of it is made with base plate. At first sight you would regard it as a model of a giant toy but actually its head and arms could be turned.



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