SANY’s Ningxiang Industrial Park
Type : Events
Date of Release : 2013-04-03

The Ningxiang industrial park, located in the Jinzhou development zone in Changsha, is one of the most advanced crane R&D centers in the world. This park also has its own unique style, which can be easily found in the administrative building, cafeteria, the workshop as well as the neighborhood of SANY’s employees. Let’s get prepared to be impressed.

The Sparkling Ningxiang Lake

The picturesque Ningxiang Lake sits right behind No.1 workshop. In the process of the construction of the industrial park SANY decided to adjust the park to the hill and pond in this area and with reasonable planning the park has become part of the company’s identity, as well as a place for SANY’s employees to chat and enjoy the beautiful scenery together after work.

The Western Flavor in the Palfinger Workshop

The SANY-Palfinger manufacturing base is located in the New Product Workshop and experts and engineers from Austria and other countries working there have added some exoticness to the workshop. SANY signed a contract with Palfinger Group to establish joint venture called SANY-Palfinger on February 28, 2012. According to the contract the cooperation between the two companies includes the development, production and sales of lorry-mounted crane as well as other special cranes. Currently SANY-Palfinger has released more than 10 series of cranes including boom cranes and straight boom cranes.


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