SANY's Industrial Park in Shenyang
Type : Events
Date of Release : 2013-04-03

While spring has finally come in South China where flowers are in blossom everywhere, there is a heavy snow in Shenyang, Liaoning. Let’s have a look at this industrial park there.

No.1 Workshop: “Even A Fly Might Slip on the Floor”

When you walk into the No.1 workshop you will definitely be impressed by the orderly coal cutter production line and hygienic conditions. As a worker in the workshop describes, “even a fly might slip on the floor”. SANY’s coal machines has always been advanced in quality in the world and among them the coal cutter 700A and 400B is characterized in short body, a low riller beam, and powerful ability to cut and automation and high level of automation, which can provide safety measures when the equipment operating with no human attending it. Besides No.2 workshop stands a coal cutter of the world’s highest power represent the world’s most advanced technology in the industry.

A Perfect Place for “Young Artists”

The administrative building is located in the south of the industrial park. Near the employee dormitory there is a space which serves as a perfect place for young people of artistic hold various activities. The annual gala held in this place by the administrative department in the beginning of this year was a huge success.


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