Exhibition Layout More Sophisticated And International
Type : Events
Date of Release : 2013-04-19

The Bauma Germany occupied an exhibition area of 570 thousand square meters, among which 390,000 m2 was outdoor exhibition area. As many as 323 Chinese enterprises attended the exhibition and occupied 1/20 of the total exhibition area. The number of Chinese exhibitors also ranked 3rd at Bauma Exhibition.

As visitors went into the exhibition, what impressed them first was the billboard of SANY standing in the most eye-catching position.

In SANY’s exhibition area, both the gate and the main exhibition stand were shaped into the Chinese character “品”, which means “quality”. Such a concise and fashionable design just indicated SANY’s principal philosophy of stressing on quality. Moreover, the exhibition stand was built with tent and aluminum materials, completely complying with the idea of environmental protection in Europe.

Most SANY’s reception personnel at this exhibition were German. Dressed in the same uniform, they provided warm and considerate service, which impressed the customers so much that some of them even took photos with the reception personnel before leaving.

In SANY’s catering area, a customer from Belgium was enjoying the free drink. At the same time, he was also discussing the business with a marketing staff from SANY. He said: “SANY’s exhibition area has showed its internationalization by considering so much about the needs of European customers. For example, they have even hired the local cooks to serve the food. As SANY being such considerate, we can trust their products.”





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