Message for the New Year
Type : Events
Date of Release : 2013-01-25

On this joyous New Year’s Day of 2013, on behalf of the board of directors, I would like to express my sincere gratitude and New Year greetings to our 56000 employees who are working hard around the world and their families who have been making selfless contributions to the company.

I would also like to express my heartfelt thanks and New Year greetings to all our customers and cooperative partners who have given us enormous trusts and support.

My heartfelt gratitude and sincere greetings also go to friends from all walks of life that have long supported SANY.

Despite the turbulence in the world economy last year, we have overcome difficulties and turned risks into opportunities with the combined efforts of all SANY’s employees. A high profile transnational acquisition has raised the company’s competitiveness in the international market. A signature transnational lawsuit attracted international attention and demonstrated the courage and confidence of Chinese enterprises when treated unfairly. In a market that featured uncertainty the company improved management quality and put its operational risks under control, laying a solid foundation for its development in 2013 and beyond.

Last year, by further clarifying the vision of “To build first-class enterprise, to foster first-class employees, and to make first-class contributions to society”, we gained a deeper understanding of the company’s mission, which is “quality changes the world” and gained a deeper insight into the company’s core values. For SANY, the only way to realize its vision and mission is to run the company in a sound way. SANY’s sound management has been and will be driven by the two forces:

One is the force of persistence. As a child of the market, we have always abided by business ethics and adhered to our core values. In order to create greater value for our customers, we have constantly followed the needs of the market and our customers. Our safeguarding of the core values and management philosophy of the company is the driving force of our development.

Another is the force of justice. Since the company was started, we have had the support of people from all walks of life. However, we have also been targets of vicious attacks. The reasons why we have achieved so much despite difficulties and obstacles are many. First and foremost is our own righteousness and our adherence to legal operation of our business, but equally important is the support that we have secured from the righteous elements in society. Justice is an essential force for a company, and it is the driving force for this company’s progress as well. For this we are forever grateful. This force has made it possible for us to survive the stormy weathers, and will encourage us to realize the goal of having our sales revenue reach over 300 billion plus RMB yuan by 2020 and encourage us to realize the dream of making SANY as a world-class equipment manufacturing brand.

The year 2013 is set to be a year in which another wave of worldwide economic growth takes place. For China, it marks the beginning of ten more years of economic prosperity after the new government takes office. All this fills us full of confidence about the development of our company and the industry. In 2013 we will continue to perfect our management strategy and pay back to all those who have been given us support with innovation and growth. We will spare no efforts to contribute to the orderly development of the industry and live up to the responsibilities of an enterprise.

The New Year bell has gone. Let’s join hands to shoulder our responsibilities, maintain our passion, and work hard to realize the cause of SANY.

To conclude, I wish you all a very happy and prosperous new year.

Liang Wengen
January 1st, 2013

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