What’s Your View on SANY’s Transformational Development?
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Date of Release : 2013-01-25

In 2012, the construction machinery industry underwent unprecedented challenges. How to cope as a company at a time of transition is a question every company needs to consider. The development of China’s construction machinery industry awaits the emergence of products with high added value and high technology utilization. That route demands joint efforts from the government and all enterprises of the industry.

Both SANY’s internal management and its outward operations are undergoing a process featuring transformational development. The process won’t be completed overnight and will be tough. As an employee, what’s your view on the company’s transformational development and what do you think the company should pay attention to most?

• Paying Attention to Details Makes Us a Winner

Lao Tzu, a Chinese philosopher born before Confucius, famously said, “Difficult things can be solved in easy ways and big things can be approached from the details”. The reason why Caterpillar is the greatest company in the construction machinery industry is that they pay attention to every detail no matter it is research and development, manufacturing, sales, or services and even packaging.

People have come to see SANY as a big international company and are impressed by its grandness. But insufficient attention to details often brings “trouble” to the company and that is where the difference is between SANY and the very best enterprises in the world.

Our nation has long had the tradition to appreciate the value of details. I believe that as long as every one of us pays more attention to details and works hard under the guidelines set forth by the chairman, SANY’s future will be even brighter. (Qu Zhangjun, Central Office of Operation and Planning)

• Putting People in the First Place

Each adjustment and upgrading in the company normally leads to changes, sometimes in people’s positions, sometimes in their posts. This is normal. Employees should view this with a sound attitude. The company, on the other hand, should pay more attention to their employees’ needs and concerns in order to win their trust. Like the stock ownership incentive at the end of this year, it made us feel that every employee is a part of this company. (Deng Sha, Bodyworks Company)

• Make SANY Bigger and Better

During the transformational development period, we should balance between what is to be kept and what is to be discarded. For now, we should keep pursuing the quality of development and making SANY as a brand recognized by generations of people. We should discard blind pursuance of scale and the wish to become a “world top 500 overnight.”

In the past three decades many companies in this industry which is closely related with national economy took advantage of opportunities provided by the fast economic growth and has developed very successfully by expanding their businesses. SANY, as a leading company in the industry, benefited a lot from this strategy. However, since the latter half of 2011, as the GDP-orientated development slowed down, adjusting the economic structure and improving the efficiency became the new strategy of the government. In response to this change, SANY has decided to change its development pattern and chose to pursue efficiency instead of the size of the company. Therefore, the goal of becoming a Fortune 500 changed into “making it prosper for hundreds of years.”

But this change does not mean being a Fortune 500 is not our goal any more. If we adjust our attitude and speed of development, I am sure SANY will become a Fortune 500 eventually by realizing the goal of “making SANY a company that can prosper for generations.” (Yu Miao, SANY Brazil)

• The Employees’ Overall Quality

In addition to the management of executives, the quality of employees is also important to the company during the transformation period. The employees’ skills and the ability to adjust to new environment and requirements will have a direct effect on the development speed of the company. They should never stop learning new technologies and progress in order to meet the requirements of SANY. (Chen Ximin, Concrete Pumping Machinery Company)

• Be Practical and Forward Looking

Now we already know the direction. What we should do next is to take concrete steps. A lot of resources are being wasted and the efficiency is very low. Every employee has the duty to do something about it. The workers should improve their skills and efficiency and the directors should improve their workflow and efficiency. (Luo Changguo, Office of Chairman)

• Execution

Sometimes, the reforms in the company tend to be bogged down in formalism and end with failure. And the good policies made by the senior management fall short of actual execution. Why are these happening? A main reason is that our company is not efficient at execution. Therefore, everyone in our company should effectively carry out the orders from their superiors; our team should turn the strategic decisions into satisfying results. In SANY, in order to improve the efficiency of execution, we should work out a better process system, a more reasonable incentive system as well as strengthen the coordination and cooperation between each department.  (Peng Bo, Hunan Automobile Company)

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