A New Journey to Internationalize SANY's Brand SANY's Overseas Sales over 10 Billion RMB
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Date of Release : 2013-01-25

As the level of international management improves, SANY has achieved a lot in its overseas operations. In 2012, its overseas sales increased to over 10 billion RMB for the first time in its history. The company’s new member Putzmeister also doubled its profits.

•Overseas Acquisition
  International Integration Taking Effects

At the beginning of 2012, the merger between SANY and Putzmeister changed the competition landscape in the international construction machinery industry. Integration is key to bringing the advantage of this cooperation into full play. Therefore, after the merger, SANY kept the operating strategies of Putzmeister’s existing management team. Through this, SANY was able to make sure that both the advantages of SANY and Putzmeister have been given full play and the cooperation between the two is more effective.

It turns out that SANY’s strategy is successful. Norbert Scheuch, CEO of Putzmeister, said to Die Welt that by the end of December, 2012, Putzmeister has achieved 700 million Euros worth of sales. In September, 2012, Xiang Wenbo, president of SANY Heavy Industry, wrote a blog in his Weibo (the Chinese equivalent of Twitter): “In 2011, Putzmeister gained a profit of 6 million Euros, while in 2012, the performance has increased for 30%, with a profit 3 times more than the previous year.”

Meanwhile, the joint venture between SANY and Palfinger has also achieved satisfactory results. On September 5th, 2012, the day when SANY-Palfinger Co. Ltd. went into operation, it launched 3 new products- stiff boom crane SPS20000 and SPS30000 and articulating crane PK32080, which stunned the whole industry. On that day, a truck-mounted stiff boom crane was ordered by a customer, and the company also received dozens of intention orders.

All these successes indicate that, just after one year, the integration of SANY-Putzmeister as well as that of SANY-Palfinger has shown its advantages. In the future, with deeper cultural and technological integration, it will benefit more for the company.

•SANY Achieving Satisfactory Results in Overseas Sales

In 2012, having faced with domestic market contraction, SANY sought to make breakthroughs in the international market. Each of SANY’s subsidiaries in the overseas regions has made great effort. Owing to its proper management measures and localized operation, the overseas sales of SANY’s 9 business regions around world are encouraging.

According to statistics, the year 2012 saw SANY’s overseas sales increasing to over 10 billion RMB for the first time. Meanwhile, in Asia-Pacific Region, the sales increased to over 1 billion RMB and the reputation of SANY has also been enhanced; in the India Region, the market share of SANY’s crawler crane was 19%, ranking first in the local market. In South African Region, nearly 600 sets of excavators were sold, among which 500 were sold in Ghana. As the “best seller” in Ghana’s excavator market, SANY’s product took 58.4% of the local market share, with a growth of 660% compared with last year.

•Lawsuit Against President Obama and CFIUS
  Internationalization Deepened

Today, SANY has already made a great achievement in its international sales, and its high-quality products have also been praised by the overseas customers. Besides that, what SANY attracts the world also include its international image indicated by its sense of justice and responsibility during its internationalization.

In September, 2012, SANY filed a lawsuit against American president Obama and CFIUS. According to some reports, as the representative of China’s high-end manufacturers, SANY set an example to fight against the unfair treatment the Chinese companies have received in foreign countries, from which the Chinese people have learnt a lot. “I believe that dignity is more important than money. It’s more valuable than money to protect the dignity of both Chinese companies and SANY.” said Xiang Wenbo, president of SANY Heavy Industry.

SANY has developed its own way to further its internationalization: It has made full use of its internationalization, highly integrated the international resources and strived to improve its core competiveness. From the year 2002 when SANY first exported its products to 2006 when it set up its overseas construction machinery manufacturing bases though investments in India, America, Germany, Brazil and Indonesia, and then to 2012 when it acquired the German company Putzmeister, SANY has indisputably become the leader in the global concrete machinery industry.

In 2013, SANY will see another year of prosperous development.

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