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Date of Release : 2013-01-25

The year of 2012 is a harsh season for the construction machinery industry; most are struggling while SANY, supported by tens of thousands of its employees, is forging ahead. SANY’s employees are accumulating strength and expecting a blossoming spring after this bleak season.


• "Journey to the West"

SANY offered me an once-in-a-lifetime training opportunity at Putzmeister and it’s my new year’s resolution to make use of the opportunity to learn Putzmerster’s design culture, come up with new product design and make myself a valued asset of the R&D team.

SANY, China’s leading company in machinery industry, acquired Putzmeister, the world’s largest concrete equipment maker in January of 2012, a marriage unprecedented in global construction machinery industry. Six months later, the alliance generated real benefits for Yao Zhen and other 4 engineers from SANY’s pumping technology research institute, a training opportunity at Putzmeister.

Yao Zhen, whose fantastic work as a project manager of a joint designing program between SANY and Putzmeister impressed the supervisor of the project from the Putzmeister side, was thus chosen as one of the few trainers who are lucky enough to have the training opportunity at Putzmeister. In November, Yao Zhen and the other 4 eventually arrived at Stuttgart, a city they had long dreamed of visiting. "I heard Germans are rigorous and friendly people, and they surely live up to that name", Yao Zhen told the reporter after spending some time with German engineers. He continued saying, "To take the use of universal parts for example, they can be altered and improvised if needed in SANY; but universal parts in Putzmeister, once the design is finalized, would be fixed and used for years, even decades. Once I tried to cut a universal part a little bit shorter so that I can use it in my new design, it was opposed strongly by German engineers even though it wouldn’t compromise the performance or quality of the new product. It drove me mad seeing a shortcut in front of me but I cannot take. In retrospect, it’s exactly the core of the Putzmeister values and the reason why they can make amazing products." It’s not an easy thing for this impatient SANY tech guy to swallow but he indeed learned his lesson there.

Yao Zhen was also shocked by the detailed project data of product development Putzmeister keeps. "All major parts of every new product have extremely detailed specifications about their sizes, functions and weights etc. You basically can picture what the new product may look like after reading those specifications. But SANY keeps a much simpler project data of their new products and it’s much like wading across a river.", Yao explained, "But the up side is that SANY’s fast product developing pace grants SANY better adaptability in the market. The truth is we are all learning from each other in order to keep balance between a solid technology foundation and a faster R&D pace."

Nice Putzmeister colleagues make Yao Zhen, a foreign engineer far away from his families, feel so warm." I took a visit to a welding workshop of Putzmeister’s Frankfurt based factory during my stay there. It was bad timing since the German language translator was not on site. I happened to come across a weldment which I cannot figure out and unfortunately the senior worker in charge doesn’t speak very good English. It looked like we hit a dilemma but the worker wouldn’t give up. He collected all the pieces needed and demonstrated the whole process with pictures and hand gestures, anything that might help and eventually got me through. You can tell from his smile that it’s quite a deed and such a relief for him." And not long ago, he and the other SANY trainers were invited to a local Chinese restaurant by their German colleagues to spend Christmas together during the holiday. (By Zhou Shufen)


• Fashion can be a SANY Thing

A video footage titled "SANY Style", viewed 1.2 million times within 10 days,became the most popular video featuring construction machinery industry. It’s a game changer of people’s stereotyped big dumb image of the industry showing the other side of SANY.
In a brainstorming session of concrete pump marketing department, the idea of shooting SANY’s version of Gangnam Style, the hottest MV ever, came up and was immediately supported by all, including marketing director Jiang Bing. The unconventional marketing project was soon under way.

Huang Zi and Wu Wei are the ones taking charge of the video project. "It took us only two days to shoot the video, most of the time were spent rehearsing the horse-riding dance. It is actually not as easy as it looks like but we were just too excited doing that to feel tired." Wu Wei recalled.

Coordinating was definitely the biggest challenge during the shooting and Huang Zi and Wu Wei had to take care of literarily everything ranging from small electric fans to the big helicopter. "Many people take it for granted that it would be difficult to coordinate with other departments in SANY but they are wrong about us. It’s like a big family here and all departments were willing to pitch in for the branding cause."

So, cleaners, security guards, flight attendants and the super rangers, previous horse dance performers in an unofficial version of "SANY Style" all came to help. Though all they got in return was nothing more than packed fast food, they all threw themselves into the work, dancing to their hearts’ content.

Li Wei, the lead in the show and host of SANY TV told the reporter: "The cold weather was really giving us a hard time especially for the girls who had to wear miniskirts but everybody was so passionate about getting the work done. I guess, it’s just that we all have a sense of belonging here and want to do something for SANY."

There was a scene featuring Li Wei and other two girls singing while walking ahead in flying snow and it was shot in the garage under the new canteen of SANY headquarters. To get the footage done, Huang Zi had to borrow two powerful fans from concrete pump manufacture department and several paper shredders from other colleagues.

"The scene had to be done in one shot since the shredded paper was really not easy to gather. All performers were so keen to get the work done in one shot even it takes to spit a mouthful of shredded paper after the shot", recalled Li Wei.

The team’s devotion to the video made it a big hit. Immediately after its release, Xiang Wenbo, president of SANY Heavy Industry and celebrities such as Li Rui, host of Hunan TV all reposted and recommended it in their microblogs, Chinese version of twitter.  

One netizen left this reply: "It looks like, as the leading company in the industry, SANY is more than a first-class innovative corporation, she also has a shining fashion spirit."

"It’s a weak market we are facing and there are rumors about us. What we are trying to do with the video is to get more people to know the real SANY and the people who work here. There are young and passionate employees at SANY. Vitality and passion are the very making of us and they are the beauty we want people to find in us." Jiang Bing told the reporter. (By Liu Hui)


Orders Signed, Confidence Regained

Roadheaders are heading into an increasingly saturated market while automatic coal mining machine market is still promising and I’m counting on a breakthrough in selling coal mining machines in 2013.

Wang Le was previously a sales representative in Baode County, Shanxi before he was transferred and he had a bright history in his two-year career there. However, he wasn’t prepared for a career setback coming for him in the first half of 2012.

The booming start of coal market was followed by a plummet in the beginning of the year because of weak demand. Though the outskirts of Baode are dotted with coal mines and they are dominated by SANY heavy equipment, Wang Le was not able to sign even one single order. It was the first bleak season in his selling career. He went on to visit potential customers as usual but everybody can tell from his anxious and helpless face that he had low morale. And his supervisor general manager of the city, Han Liqing was one of them. "Manager Han invited me for a talk and decided to arrange me a transfer for a change." Wang Le recalled.

Wang was transferred from Baode to Shuozhou for a fresh start in June.

It’s a daunting long way to go and Wang started from one firm stride. Shuozhou was a new market full of challenges for Wang but for an adventurous person like him challenges brought nothing more than passion and power. He worked in a place with handy transportation, and he took advantage of that. By visiting potential customers more often than ever before he soon had two leads, one about a private coal-mining company’s procurement plan of two EBZ200 type roadheaders and one about that a new coal mine planned to go into production the next year, which needed to purchase large amounts of excavators and automatic coal mining machines.

Wang Le decided to give his best shot to nail the deals. "Witness the Power of the Number One Brand", a SANY heavy equipment promotion roadshow series was due to be held in Datong City, Shanxi on June 27th. Wang Le took the opportunity and invited the potential customers to the show. It was a great chance to get the customers know more about SANY products and the customers were impressed. Wang followed by inviting them to headquarters in Shenyang for further reviews and arranging for their participation in product orientation meetings. A sound customer relationship was building up through these efforts and SANY products eventually won their heart. Orders of one set of automatic coal mining machine units and two EBZ260 roadheaders, worth 100 million RMB were signed soon after.  

2012 was special for Wang Le, since he had his low moments and he also got the chance to shine. Talking about what he learned through the journey, "It’s your state of mind that matters. You got to keep your faith even if the market had hit its bottom because tomorrow is always full of possibilities. The most important thing is always keep your passion at work and be prepared for opportunities that might come across you." Wang Le told the reporter. (Wu Wanying)



• Mega Orders Rolling in Saudi Arabia

In 2013, the strong sales force in the Middle East will march toward a bigger goal, that is, to complete a targeted volume of over 3000 million RMB in Saudi by collaborating with its agents, and to compose its epoch-making chapter of exporting facilities over 350 tons.
In June, 2012, when the largest hoisting company in Saudi paid its second visit to SANY, a similarly-sized deal was settled as its mega crane order totaling 260 million RMB during its first trip. Till the end of 2012, SANY had sold more than 300 cranes in Saudi market within merely 20 months, bearing a total value of 560 million RMB, larger than what all other Chinese companies achieved combined.

However in retrospect, SANY was still a barely-known name with no facility in Saudi two years ago, which was evidenced by its sales figure—23 units. It was not until Mr. Tang Wenbin, the new GM of SANY Saudi, made his embark, that all these historic rejuvenations become possible. Tang is a man of market sensibility, unique thinking, courage and absoluteness, acquired from his eight-year experience in international marketing.

In 2011, just after Tang took office, he perceived an enormous business opportunity when the oldest, largest and most specialized hoisting company in Saudi Arabia declared to purchase hundreds of cranes, which, of course, gave rise to an immediate competition in that region among all related producers, including Grove and Liebherr.

SANY was then nothing but an insignificant late-comer. However, that order was a matter that can directly decide whether a company like SANY could enjoy new position and prospect in Saudi market. To this end, Tang decided to leave no stone unturned to get the orders signed. By extensive researches, he came to a conclusion that, their largest advantage was the cost-effectiveness of their products and the brand image of SANY.

Then he started to act, together with his team, after their marketing plan was designed, by visiting all possible decision influencers of their potential customer. Those persistent endeavors for several months finally paid off when the customer agreed to come to SANY’s crane park. He was later on received by Mr. Tang Xiuguo (president of SANY Group) and Mr. Qi Jian (Manager of Crane department) personally, before taking a bird’s eye view of the city-like industrial park from a helicopter.

Shocked by the grand size and perfect layout of the park, especially after the tour in its digitalized assembly line, he gave a thumb-up, by saying that, this is the most advanced as well as cleanest crane factory he’s ever seen. His all-able operator, after finishing various performance tests on an off-road crane, whispered to him in Arabic, that the machine was extremely good. 

That is how the largest export order for cranes in SANY’s history came into being. It ended up with 132 large-tonnage cranes worth 260 million RMB sold. Tang and his branch were also respectively awarded Champions for individual and divisional international marketing of the year.

Tang also continued his effort to turn this customer into SANY’s agent in UAE, who had then promised not only to maintain an annual purchase of SANY products for individual applications, but also to strive to introduce more SANY products to the market. The increasing popularity of SANY cranes in Saudi also attracted numerous high-end customers who before that would only use western products. In November, some of them eventually signed their first orders buying products from a non-western company after their visits to Changsha. (By Wen Yang)


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