We clearly know that SANY’s achievements depend on our employees’ career development so that we have devoted so many resources and efforts into helping our employees to succeed. To become one of the best employers all over the world, we are offering various trainings and introducing a wide range of work modes to encourage you develop a career instead of only working here. We are sure that your SANY career will be beneficial for your whole life.

Employee Training

We are improving our comprehensive international training system, including a multi-cultural training system and a distributor and overseas local staff training system. Meanwhile, we attach great importance to the training modes, references, training teams and the content of the trainings.

From in-class to online trainings, we offer domestic trainings to our management, service engineers, salesmen, distributors and ordinary employees according to their own demands. Not only may you have such chances, you will also be able to take professional courses and systematic trainings in overseas top universities or our overseas training bases.

Job Rotation
Perhaps you are still unclear about your final career choice; perhaps you are a new graduate and in a major-related position but would like to try something new. SANY can help with that decision by offering job rotations, that is, opportunities to perform different jobs within your own department. Job rotations can both help you to develop new skills and find the job that suits you the most.

And SANY's business scale and diversity can provide you ideal opportunities for job rotations. We encourage you to rotate positions within your department or among different sections of SANY Group.

Maybe you will change your work position several times. It doesn't matter. If you prove to be qualified, we will always be willing to provide you the opportunities.

Career Planning Tutor
At SANY, our Talent Planning and Evaluation System will provide you comprehensive, accurate and objective information to aid you with your career planning. We even offer a network of senior SANY employees who offer their assistance as career planning tutors.

As a member of SANY family, you will have your own career planning tutor as does every SANY employee. Your tutor, already a very experienced SANY employee will be responsible for working with you to develop a comprehensive career development plan. In addition, he or she will have other responsibilities as follows:

· Helping you to set your career goals.
· Helping you to adopt appropriate work methods.
· Pointing out your advantages and disadvantages to develop your working abilities.
· Evaluating your performance objectively.

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