Over the last several years, SANY has come to dominate the Chinese equipment market, a market that is today perhaps the largest and most competitive on the planet. With powerful state-owned companies and every foreign brand imaginable trying to gain a foothold in China, SANY has remained number one. SANY has risen to the #1 position in almost every product that it manufactures over a relatively short 15 years. The vast majority of our growth has been organic, with a focus on internal product development and a “build-from-scratch” mentality that has re-defined how companies grow in China. The success of SANY is the result of a clear focus on matching machine specifications to the market demand, and building the highest quality product to that standard.

As you likely already know, SANY has turned its focus on your market. Following the guiding principle of understanding local market needs and building products that match those needs, SANY has accelerated its growth outside of China through industry-changing acquisitions and key joint ventures. SANY has also demonstrated our long-term commitment to customers outside of China by building world-class manufacturing and R&D facilities in the U.S., Germany, India and Brazil.

SANY is a name you will hear often in the months and years to come in your market. Come see how we can partner with you for success.

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