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1、 [News] Pictures: Workers in Modern Industry
                    ... (2013-09-13)
2、 [News] Pictures: Working Scenario in Ningxiang Industrial Park
            ... (2013-09-13)
3、 [News] Pictures: Modern Production Line in Ningxiang Industrial Park
                         ... (2013-09-13)
4、 [News] Pictures: Young People in Changsha Industrial Park
                    ... (2013-09-13)
5、 [News] Pictures: Life in Changsha Industrial Park
          ... (2013-09-13)
6、 [News] Pictures: Kunshan Industrial Park
                ... (2013-09-13)
7、 [News] Pictures: Lingang Industrial Park
                  ... (2013-09-13)
8、 [News] Pictures: Ningxiang Industrial Park
                ... (2013-09-13)
9、 [News] Pictures: Changsha Industrial Park
  At SANY, every industrial park has its own style. The one in Changsha is characterized by an impression of aggressiveness, while the Lingang industrial park in Shanghai features in magnificence. Here you can not only find the beauty of industry, but also feel the beauty of humanity.                        ... (2013-09-13)
10、 [News] SANY Port Machinery Enters European Market
  In China, SANY’s major port machinery products – reach stacker and forklift – have occupied 60% market share, far surpassing the like products. So, it’s a proper time for SANY’s port machinery to march into the international market. On April 15th, the 30th Bauma Exhibition was held in Munich, Germany, SANY attended the exhibition with some of its products, among which... (2013-04-24)
11、 [News] New Excavator Unveiled: Showcasing World’s Best Industrial Design
  The excavator, known as the “pearl” of construction machinery industry, has long been valued as its importance and high technology requirements by most international manufacturers. At Bauma Germany, many manufacturers presented their excavators as their key exhibits. SANY also exhibited its excavator SY215CAI4K, which soon drew visitors’ attention on its first appearance. The ... (2013-04-24)
12、 [News] Exhibition Layout More Sophisticated And International
  The Bauma Germany occupied an exhibition area of 570 thousand square meters, among which 390,000 m2 was outdoor exhibition area. As many as 323 Chinese enterprises attended the exhibition and occupied 1/20 of the total exhibition area. The number of Chinese exhibitors also ranked 3rd at Bauma Exhibition. As visitors went into the exhibition, what impressed them first was the billboard of SANY s... (2013-04-19)
13、 [News] SANY's Industrial Park in Shenyang
  While spring has finally come in South China where flowers are in blossom everywhere, there is a heavy snow in Shenyang, Liaoning. Let’s have a look at this industrial park there. No.1 Workshop: “Even A Fly Might Slip on the Floor” When you walk into the No.1 workshop you will definitely be impressed by the orderly coal cutter production line and hygienic conditions. As a w... (2013-04-03)
14、 [News] SANY’s Ningxiang Industrial Park
  The Ningxiang industrial park, located in the Jinzhou development zone in Changsha, is one of the most advanced crane R&D centers in the world. This park also has its own unique style, which can be easily found in the administrative building, cafeteria, the workshop as well as the neighborhood of SANY’s employees. Let’s get prepared to be impressed. The Sparkling Ningxiang Lake ... (2013-04-03)
15、 [News] SANY's Industrial Parks in Kunshan and Shanghai
  SANY Heavy Machinery currently has two industrial parks, which are located in Kunshan, Jiangsu and Lingang, Shanghai respectively. Both of the two parks boast their own unique styles. With the consistent efforts of past few years, the market share of SANY’s excavators has maintained the first place in the industry for market share in China. SANY Kunshan’s Vegetable Farm The indus... (2013-04-03)
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