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Holman Brother in Kenya
Type : Press Release
Date of Release : 2015-08-28

Since 2007, Holman Brother Ltd started business cooperation with Sany, and signed dealership contract for motor graders and excavators with Sany in 2010. After more than five years of cooperation, Holman's sales revenue has increased from three hundred thousand to 3 million US dollars, an increase of approximately 10 times.

In recent years, Holman Brother has taken a variety of measures to boost sales. In brand promotion, they have guaranteed to hold one product introduction activity and participate in exhibitions once a year. In business trainings, two service trainings are held every month in Kenya, and one training in Sany Head office. In terms of demo machinery, they have kept around 2 units‟ of every product on site. In customer relations, they have strived to maintain at least one loyal customer who could purchase more than 5 units‟ machines each year, such as Elite Earth Movers Ltd. (Colin Zhang)


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