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SANY Shapes Its Reputation on Wheatston Austrialia
Type : Press Release
Date of Release : 2015-07-30

It has been taking for 5 years for Sany people to accumulate technology and experiences before they prove themselves on Wheatstone Project, one of the largest LNG (Liquid Nature Gas) project in Australia that owned by Chevron and Bechtel. Chevron Group and Bechtel are famous for their high standard and strict regulation code upon LNG project, especially on WHEATSTONE LNG facilities construction, which is remarked as a milestone that SANY Cranes stepping into high level project with reputation.

Vibrating hammer equipped, track removed, rail installed, hammer piling, pipe lifting, oil coming. Everything goes smoothly with 3 of SANY SCC8300 stably operated on the project on 2014. SANY team was standby on the project for 1 month. They inspected the crane operation data, calibrated the hydraulic deviation, maintained the cranes and kept them working under the temperature which is more than 40 degree. High temperature, sea corrosion, and 24 hours operation challenge Sany crawler cranes. Fortunately, we conquer them, one by one. 

Right now, you could find SANY cranes piling pipes on Brisbane bridge construction, hammering beside marine complex, lifting on Darwin beach, travelling and lifting beams and structural models on Karratha. Sany is keeping moving with performances… 

Sany Australia team keeps this moment in heart and is getting ready for climbing next peak with full confidence. As what the onsite engineer said: Rather than talking, we prefer action. 

The very motto is: Quality changes the world. 


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