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Sany rolls out its largest rotary drilling rig in Asia
Type : Press Release
Date of Release : 2015-08-09

In recent days, SR630RC8 rotary drilling rig developed solely by Sany Heavy Machinery Co., Ltd. has been delivered to the customer successfully. Currently the equipment has started its work to boost the Shenzhen's construction by contributing its part. For its performance, the customers are full of praise. In 2011, Sany once developed the first largest rotary drilling rig SR460 in Asia, its maximum drilling diameter is 3.5 meters, and the maximal drilling depth reaches 120 meters. The new SR630RC8 rotary drilling rig once again broke this record, its maximum drilling diameter has reached 4.5 meters and the maximum drilling depth has reached 140 meters, the maximum output torque is 630kN·m, which reaches a new height in producing large industry rotary drilling rig and becomes the largest rotary drilling rig in Asia. 


Super large penetration into rock pile, business demand constantly growing
In recent years, the construction method of filling pile in rotary drilling hole has been becoming mature increasingly; its high pore-forming quality and high efficiency have laid the technical foundation for the development of super-deep and super-large rock pile design, which makes such business demand constantly growing. Under such background, with diameter reaching 4.5 meters, the pile of 140 meters deep has been thus created; this is like driving the rock pile with diameter corresponding to the length of 1 common sedan down to 50 floors underground. Like the saying" It's easy to go Heaven, but difficult to go underground", this super-large and super-deep rock pile construction has posed a huge challenge to the various performance factors of the equipment." Currently, the manufacturer that can produce such large scale of rotary drilling rig is rare within the country." Standing deputy general manager of Sany Heavy Machinery Co., Ltd. Ding Shengju said, the production of large rotary drilling rig needs the support of a powerful R&D and manufacture system. To satisfy the customer demand for “Super-large, super-deep, and super-difficult" pile foundation construction, Beijing Sany has put the idea of developing SR630RC8 rotary drilling rig on the agenda. 


In-depth survey, customized largest rotary drilling rig in Asia
"Super-large diameter requires the drill to have super-large in-rock torque, the super-deep idea requires super-long drill rod, and it should also have sufficient safety factors under super-large torque." said Zhang Shiping, the project manager and vice-president of Sany Heavy Machinery Research Institute, the whole equipment is almost 35 meters high, and weighs 200 tons, the stability of drill construction is also a difficult point that must be overcome. There are a lot out there to be solved, but the construction commencement date of the customer is scheduled at the beginning of July. To meet the schedule of delivery, the whole team has spared their recess time and fully committed to the project. To understand the geologic demand, the R&D team has been to the customer site for in-depth survey and been communicating with the customer in details, and they combine the survey results into their design. The R&D personnel not only conducts the customized design for large backfill, boulder, deep and thick rock and so on actual conditions, but also guarantees the equipment can satisfy the requirement of customer where their business will take a lead in the coming 3--5 years. The Sany R&D team has also been to many steel mills in the country, after repeated selections, they found the high-tensile material for the drill rod with strength greater than 800MPa but still it has good welding performance. To satisfy the stability requirement, the overall plan has been through more than 10 rounds of reviews, finally the modular interface design proposal has been adopted to satisfy the demand for deep and large pile. After the efforts, Sany has developed the largest rotary drilling rig SR630RC8 in Asia, and delivered it to the customer on June 30. 


Beyond the benchmark, and cost-saving for the customer
According to the introduction, SR630RC8 rotary drilling rig has maximum drilling diameter of 4.5 meters, and the maximum drilling depth has reached 140 meters, its maximum output torque is 630kN·m. Its technical parameters have already exceeded the benchmarking products of the world largest rotary drilling rig, and have reached the new height of large rotary drilling rig in the country. At the same time, double large triangle structure, multiple gear control of power end, multiple gear control of pressurizing system and so on technologies makes the SR630RC8 not only achieve the construction for super in-rock, super large diameter and super-deep drilling, but also guarantees the highly reliable and efficient running of the drill, it enhances the convenience of construction. This equipment applies to the super high-rise construction above 100 meters, it solves the pile foundation construction puzzle of large backfill, boulder, deep and thick rock and so on of large diameter super deep pile. Currently, SR630RC8 rotary drilling rig has been working for many days, for its performance, the customers are full of praise. “As long as we have Sany equipment, the project can always be completed as scheduled; this saves me a lot of cost." The senior user of Shenzhen pile foundation construction market, Chen Zengyong gave his positive comments on the quality of Sany products, currently he already has owned 7 Sany pile machines and the investment of the equipment has been over a hundred million. Chen Zengyong said, Sany pile machine has always been able to complete the most difficult works, he is also very satisfied about the construction method of Sany." In Shenzhen, there are no geologic and construction conditions that Sany product can't suit; this greatly boosts my trust in Sany. Furthermore, the construction method support of Sany for users has been number one in the piling construction machinery industry. "

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