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Sany-Palfinger JV Delivers Excellent Results
Type : Press Release
Date of Release : 2015-07-16

The new Sany-Palfinger site is 240,000 m2 in area, and forms part of Sany’s 670,000 m2 Rudong Industrial Park. It plans to form an annual capacity of 10,000 units of specialized vehicle and equipment in 5 years, leaving abundant room for the development of the JV. Though the time was tight for the moving, production was not affected. The roads inside the industrial park was barely completed the day before the company was moved in. But a month after opening, the new site’s capacity was raised to over 100 units.

What is especially worth mentioning is that, in 2014, the JV not only completed its historical moving, but also did a good job in the market. The company sold over 900 units of equipment, more than double the sales of 2013; market share was raised to 8.4%, putting the company third place in the market. Its international market is more encouraging, pocketing a total of 20 million in sales and making breakthroughs in Southeast Asia, North Africa, and Latin America. Excluding extra costs incurred through factors such as the moving, the company realized a profit of over one million yuan.

In Shanxi of Northwestern China, Regional Manager Zhang Zengfeng didn’t idle away his time either. In 2014, the company’s market share there increased two times and reached 45% in capital city Taiyuan.

According to Zhang Zengfeng, the demonstrative effect of some benchmarking customers in the Shanxi Market played a key role. Sany-Palfinger’s products targeted the middle to high end market and were more expensive. Therefore, customers were normally more careful before purchasing. But once  purchased the first batch and got to know the features and quality of the products, they would be very prone to buy again. This would normally lead to purchase by other customers. Diversification of chassis in 2014 helped attract even more customers.
Except for a highly positive market in China, Sany-Palfinger had realized breakthroughs in the international market as well, with Southeast Asian nations being the main recipients.

Facing the New Normal of the Chinese economy of 2015, David Yao, Sales Director of Sany-Palfinger, said that the company would grasp market opportunities through “building high-quality products and services, further exploring the markets for specialized applications, diversified marketing methods, and transforming toward the post-marketing era.”

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