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Sany Heavy Energy Wins China Huaneng Group 800 Million Yuan Wind Power Bid
Type : Press Release
Date of Release : 2015-07-16

Sany Heavy Energy has recently won four bid sections from China Huaneng Group, worth 800 million yuan in total. This has been the largest single bid ever awarded by China Huaneng Group in its history, and ever won by Sany Heavy Energy. The mega order means a great deal to the development of Sany’s wind power business.

The Chinese National Development and Reform Commission sent the signal in September 2014 for the adjustment of price of connecting wind power to grid and the beginning point would be June 30, 2015. Wind power investors rushed to jump on the bandwagon. To get their wind farms set up before June 30, 2015, they had all started to make purchase plans for equipment. The China Huaneng Group packaged its 21 already approved wind farms and held two separate bid invitations.

China Huaneng was among the first Chinese power generating companies to enter the global top 500 companies club. It is ranked fourth place in wind energy in terms of scale, a number of new projects, and rated capacity among the world’s five biggest energy companies. And ensuing installation will maintain a high growth rate.

Cooperation with China Huaneng have started since Sany Heavy Energy was established. The company purchased Sany’s wind power equipment for three of its wind farms and have a high degree of recognition of Sany’s products and services. Under this background, Sany Heavy Energy’s sales team grasped the opportunities and won the bid worth 800 million yuan, comprising for bid sections.

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