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Ethiopia Prime Minister Started SANY Wind Turbine Generator in ADAM Ⅱ
Type : Press Release
Date of Release : 2015-06-03

At local time 11:00 AM May 18, 2015, Ethiopia Prime Minister Hailemariam Desalegn, deputy Prime Minister, President Councilor and General Manager of Ethiopia Electric Power were present at the ADAMⅡ Wind Project First 100MW Power Generation Ceremony. Chinese ambassador to Ethiopia Mr. LA Yifang, General Manager of SANY Heavy Energy Machinery Mr. Wang Lihe were also invited to attend the ceremony. Prime Minister Hailemariam visited the project and started SANY No.77 Wind Turbine in person.


Chinese ambassador Mr. LA Yifang remarked in the ceremony speech, “Chinese government encourages reputable and capable Chinese enterprises to contribute to Ethiopia renewable energy development. ADAMⅡ Wind Project brings not only plentiful electric power but also knowledge, technology, job opportunities to Ethiopia.”


Ethiopia ADAMⅡWind Project, located in 95KM Southwest to the Capital Addis Ababa and in the name of the second biggest city ADAMA in Ethiopia, is the largest wind farm in Ethiopia and the second in Africa. It’s predicted that with the total installed capacity of 153 MW Adama II will be able to supply 480,000,000 KWH per year satisfying 20% electricity demand of the Capital Addis Ababa. It means a lot to help improving local economic and plays an important role in helping local government building up a national wind industry. ADAMA Wind Farm is invested and owned by Ethiopia Electric Power Company (Now unbundling into two companies, EEP and EEU) with Hydrochina CGCOC JV as the EPC Contractor. 102 sets of SANY SE7715 WTG were installed in this project. And installation, equipment commissioning and power grid connection were all provided by SANY Heavy Machinery, whose excellent performance brought themselves much praise and a letter of appreciation from the Adama II project department.

Adama Wind Farm is the first modernized wind project put into operation in Ethiopia, even in the whole East Africa area; the biggest overseas EPC project of China; the first new energy project supported by Chinese government, which has been attached great importance by both China and Ethiopia parties and has enjoyed great popularities; the first overseas wind power projects which all adopt Chinese Standard to engineer, construct and supervise; the first favorable financing new energy project by China EXIM Bank.   

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