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Sany Demonstrates Growth of Chinese Power at German Embassy Opening Day Festivities
Type : Press Release
Date of Release : 2015-05-25

The opening day of the German Embassy in Beijing on April 24 served as one of three events to promote German culture and also to demonstrate how important the Chinese culture has become to German interests.


Besides the traditional German beer and food known world-wide, Alex Schultz, Germany’s top slackline walker, completed a walk above the German Embassy. In addition to the demonstration, Mercedes-Benz, BMW and other German manufacturers exhibited their automobiles. Sany also participated with an exhibit of their ST750S hybrid cranes to show the growth and maturing of China’s own manufacturing industry.


Sany is just one of a handful of Chinese enterprises that worked closely with Germany to show this deep cooperative effort on the opening day of the German Embassy.


Officially opening in June 2011, the Sany Germany Industrial Park in Bedburg, Germany is by far the largest investment of Chinese enterprises in the European community. The Putzmeister Company was merged into Sany in 2012 and has deepened the exchange of work and cooperation between China and Germany.


Also on the opening day, Frank Rueckert, director of the German Embassy Economic Section, spoke highly of Sany’s investment in Germany and expressed his belief that the Putzmeister staff is satisfied with the Sany leadership and that this cooperation is a good example to the world how much of a positive influence the Germany-China working relationship has become.

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