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Chinese Premier Li Keqiang Talked with President Xiang during His visiting on Brazil
Type : Press Release
Date of Release : 2015-05-22

Invited by Brazil’s President Dilma Rousseff, Chinese Premier Li Keqiang kicked off a tour of South America this week and arrived May 18th (local time) in Brazil and started his official visit by unveiling billions of dollars in financing and trade agreements for Brazil’s biggest companies. The investments are largely aimed at strengthening Brazil’s ageing infrastructure.


In Rio de Janeiro, Premier Li attended the Chinese Manufacturing Equipment Show and inspected Chinese-Brazil joint equipment on the spot, among which Sany’s Excavator drawn Premier’s attention. He asked several questions in detail on Sany’s product as well as taking especially care on Sany’s workshop in Shenyang.  

Mr. Xiang Wenbo, President of Sany Heavy Industry participated the Entrepreneur Forum hosted by Premier and had a talk with Premier Li.


Sany started exploring the emerging Brazilian market in 2007, said Alex Xiao, chief risk officer for Sany Brazil.Since Sany established a manufacturing factory in Sao Paulo in 2011, and made great contribution on Brazil’s infrastructure. Sany built 8 football stadiums out of 10 in 2014 World Cup Project, which has become a landmark of the Brazilian capital and a tourist attraction. Around 2,600 of its cranes have been manufactured and sold in Brazil, according to Xiao. Sany’s Truck Crane has been ranking No.1 for last 2 years in terms of sales units and Brazil became the largest exporting country for Chinese Truck Crane.

"The output is about 500 units a year, and our equipment has been used in many big infrastructure constructions like stadium and railroads," he said.

Till now, Sany owns 4 Overseas Manufacturing Bases and 6 Sales Region. The global layout is quite clear and the pace of internationalization has been speeded up. The overseas sales volume has occupied 32% of whole group’s sales and is expected to reach to 50% in the future.

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