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Invested by SANY Group, SANY Heavy Industry Co., Ltd. was founded in 1994. Since its founding, the output of SANY Heavy Industry Co., Ltd grows at a rate of over 50% annually. In 2012, SANY Heavy Industry’s operating revenue and net profit were 46.831 billion yuan and 5.686 billion yuan respectively. In the first half 2013, its operating revenue and net profit were 22.085 billion yuan and 2.651 billion yuan respectively. In July, 2011, the British newspaper Financial Times released the 2011 list of the world’s 500 most valuable companies (FT Global 500) ranked by market capitalization. SANY Heavy Industry (Code: 600031) was put on the list of FT Global 500. It became the unique company listed among the world’s top 500 companies in China’s construction machinery industry.

At present, SANY Heavy Industry Co., Ltd is mainly involved in the R&D, manufacturing and sales of engineering machinery, with products as diversified as concrete machinery, excavator, truck cranes, crawler cranes, pile driving machinery, and road construction machinery. The leading products include the concrete pumps, truck mounted concrete pumps, concrete batching plants, asphalt batching plants, crawler cranes, truck cranes, rotary drilling rigs, compactors, pavers, graders, and so on. Now SANY’s concrete machinery, excavator, crawler crane, and rotary drilling rig have become the first brand in China. Market shares of trailer mounted concrete pumps, concrete pumps, and full hydraulic compactors stand first in the domestic market and the production of pump truck tops the world.

In September 2002, SANY Heavy Industry Co., Ltd’s tailored super-high pressure concrete pump HBT90CH created a new world record when a single pump delivered C60 concrete vertically to a 406m height at the Hong Kong International Finance Center. In August 2013, this record was updated to 580m at the Shanghai Center by another SANY machine. Furthermore, the world’s first full-hydraulic motor grader, first third-gradation concrete pump and first bitumen-cement mortar mixer were all born at SANY Heavy Industry Co., Ltd. In 2007 and 2009, SANY Heavy Industry's self-developed 66m and 72m concrete pump trucks created Guinness World Records twice as the concrete pump with the longest boom. It demonstrated to the world that China became a leader in concrete pumping technology. On Sep 19th, SANY Heavy Industry's 86m concrete pump truck, which owns the longest boom in the world, successfully rolled off the production line. Once again, SANY has shown that there is no limit for SANY in concrete pumping technology. In 2012, SANY Heavy Industry’s acquisition of Putzmeister changed the competitive landscape in the global construction machinery industry.

SANY believes "quality changes the world". Each year, SANY Heavy Industry Co., Ltd puts 5%-7% of its total sales revenue into R&D projects, aiming to provide more world class products for customers from around the world. Now SANY Heavy Industry Co., Ltd has its own state-level technology development centers and post-doctoral research centers. Up to June 30, 2013, SANY Heavy Industry Co., Ltd has obtained 2582 authorized patents. It was honored twice as the winner of the second prize of National Science and Technology Advancement Award. Among them, SANY Heavy Industry was rewarded the second prize of National Science and Technology Advancement Award for its Technological Innovation Platform in 2010, becoming the first company from Hunan that ever won this reward. It was also the highest reward that was given to a construction machinery manufacturer. YI Xiaogang, the executive president of SANY Heavy Industry, was named as the top 10 national excellent scientists, becoming the first winner of this award in Hunan and China’s construction machinery industry.

SANY Heavy Industry now owns 12 6s centers in China. And in the next few years, the 6s centers will cover 31 provincial capital cities, municipalities, and over 200 second-grade cities. It also hires over 7500 service engineers globally. With 169 sales centers and more than 2000 service stations around the world, SANY has established a mature global network in international market. In recent years, SANY Heavy Industry has invested in India, US, Germany, Brazil and built R&D and manufacturing plants. With such mature global network, and a unique service philosophy, SANY Heavy Industry Co., Ltd provides star-level services in the pre-sale stage, purchasing stage, and after-sale stage for every one of our customers.

SANY Heavy Industry Co., Ltd has been certified for State ISO9000 Quality System Certification, ISO14001 Environment Management System Certification, OHSAS18001 Occupational Health Safety System Certification, and the German TUV Certification.

SANY Heavy Industry Co., Ltd got listed on the Shanghai Stock Exchange on July 3, 2003. It was the first ever Chinese enterprise to successfully realize the non-tradable shares reform and to put its shares into full circulation in China.

Mr Liang Wengen is the main founder of SANY Group. He was elected the representative of the 17th and 18th National Congress of CPC, and representative of the 8th, 9th, and 10th National People’s Congress. He also received series of awards, including “National Model Worker”, "National Outstanding Entrepreneur”, "Outstanding Builder of a Socialist Society with Chinese Characteristics”, "CCTV Economic People of the Year”, “Forbes Best Owners of China’s Listed Companies”, "Mundell World Manager Achievement Prize”.

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